So how do you think things are going so far this year?

Are you enjoying the high gas prices? Not finding chicken? The reduced hours at your local stores and restaurants? The disappearance of local stores? Not finding products on the shelves in your local community? The increased crime? The illegal aliens bringing in Covid and crime into the country? 

Are you enjoying the fact that the democrats shut down your business and now it’s gone? How about not being able to go to your church for a year? Did you enjoy that?

Are you excited that the democrats are mandating masks and vaccines even though neither appears to be working? 

Are you having any luck finding workers for your business or are they all staying home because they prefer extended unemployment and advanced child care credits instead of working?

Are you losing your property and going into bankruptcy because Biden is unconstitutionally letting your renters not pay you?

Do you support individual military members being able to opt out of getting the COVID vaccine?

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Do you like the democrats spending us into oblivion so they can get rid of cars and push their climate change agenda?

Are you having any luck finding a house you can afford to buy?

Do you like having your daughters share bathrooms and locker rooms with boys in their school? Are you happy that teachers are teaching your kids how to be racist under critical race theory indoctrination?

Are you paying attention to the fact that Biden has all but abandoned thousands of Americans trapped in Afghanistan? 

To continue to vote democrat after seeing what’s been happing for the past seven months under the Biden administration is an example of either being ignorant or evil. 

To continue to support democrats at this stage means that you either REALLY hate America like the elected democrats do – or you have no idea of what is really going on in the country and don’t care to find out.

I have to wonder… Do democrats have ANY allegiance to their own country or the people living in it?

Democrats seem to be completely okay with the death and destruction of their country and her people. In order to get rid of Trump, they would accept ANYTHING else and still are. Now they are forced to defend their stupidity.

Their Trump Derangement Syndrome is an actual psychosis and has led to the deaths of their countrymen and women whether it’s in the streets of New York City, Chicago or a nursing home under the tyrannical powers of democrat governors.

Ignorant liberal voters have enabled the democrat party to do everything in their power to reduce us to third world country status.

The new slogan for the democrat party, if they were honest would be “Vote for us. No safety, no security, no freedom and no prosperity. And more to come.”