President Disaster is full of opposing sound bites so that his leftist friends can play which ever one is convenient at the moment.

On one hand you have him saying “the buck stops with me” regarding the Afghanistan withdrawal but then soon after you get the same crap we got from Hillary after she lost the election – you get all kinds of reasons they, in fact, are NOT the cause of whatever is going on.

Nope, for Biden and the democrats, there is plenty of blame to go around but it shouldn’t be directed towards them at all.

Their first scapegoat for the blame for Afghanistan was the one they always go to – Trump. According to them, it was Trump who made the deal that they are duty bound to stick to no matter what. 

First of all, that is crap. They haven’t stuck to anything Trump did since Biden became president. 

Second of all, we all know by now that Trump had conditions for the deal and the withdrawal – and they weren’t met. We wouldn’t have had this FUBAR withdrawal under Trump. Orange Man Bad does NOT take directions from terrorists. And Orange Man Bad does NOT leave Americans behind anywhere.

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Now, the new scapegoats for blame are the Americans themselves who are stuck in Afghanistan. 

This just shows you how low and disgusting that democrats will get. 

How exactly do you get to the airport when the Taliban terrorists have checkpoints to prevent you from doing so? And when are you supposed to go to the airport when every other day the American government keeps telling you you SHOULDN’T go to the airport – and won’t let you in when you finally get there?

Biden and friends don’t even know how Americans are trapped in Afghanistan. Or won’t tell us. Numbers range from 1500 to more than 4000.

Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, who should be fired, actually blamed US citizens for “ignoring” public evacuation notices and not registering with the government.

No, Tony. The blame is on YOU. And Joe. And Lloyd. And Mark. And all the rest of the Biden idiots who got rid of an airbase before securing the lives of American citizens and Afghan allies.