We all knew that Biden becoming president was going to be a disaster but we didn’t know the half of it. 

If you’re on Steve Gruber’s website, you’re getting the REAL news from Steve and his partners in crime like me. You know what’s going on in America and in Afghanistan and you are sick to your stomach. You want to throw up every time you see Biden and one of his lackeys on TV lying through their teeth about what’s going on in Afghanistan.

Biden and the democrats have been destroying our country from within since January with critical race theory, open borders, a crime wave, inflation, oppressive pandemic orders and about a million more things. 

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With Biden as the puppet, Obama and the radicals in his past administration has been running the country into the ground.

But they have really gone over the edge with Biden’s FUBAR in Afghanistan.

Biden and company are on track to abandon Americans and Afghan allies in a terrorist-run country and reports say that they haven’t even been allowing our allies to get clearance to evacuate. 

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Biden is either completely inept or he’s evil. Take your pick.

Conditions on the ground in Kabul were already bad enough this week with Americans getting beaten and not being able to get into the airport, but now there is the blood of 12 American soldiers on Biden and Obama’s hands after the ISIS attack.

What is happening in Afghanistan is not another blip on the radar that the fake news media is going to be able to spin for him and move on to their next topic.

The fact that the reporters in the White House Press Pool haven’t been yelling at Jen Psaki at the press briefings, calling her a liar and chasing her out of the room is a betrayal to the American people.

What is happening in Afghanistan is HUGE and we need to know what’s going on but we continue to get the same democrat lies as always.

The Afghanistan FUBAR is as big if not bigger than September 11th and Pearl Harbor because it has so many moving parts and ramifications for the future of the United States.

Biden is not only sentencing Americans and Afghan allies to death in a terrorist run country, he has destroyed the credibility of the United States. And he has given billions of dollars of military equipment to the Taliban to use against us, Afghans and anybody else they want to.

Allies are disgusted with us and don’t trust us.

It was reported on the Glenn Beck radio show on Thursday that the Parliament in the UK said they’d no longer be coming to our aid or working joint operations with the United States – not until Biden and Harris are gone.

I can’t blame them. 

Joe Biden is a complete coward. 

Joe Biden is all of the things that the left told us that Trump was when they were lying about him  – inept, evil and inhumane.

He hasn’t made one good decision to protect Americans since he became president and I don’t expect him to. I expect him to cut and run out of Afghanistan and say how great he is for doing it. I expect him to do what he thinks is good for the democrat party, not America.

President Trump was impeached over a phone call but President Disaster still sits in the White House and there’s not one spineless Republican willing to draw up impeachment papers on him.

The Biden Obama presidency is the biggest disaster in our country’s history.

And we’re ONLY about seven months into the disaster.