At some point, when all Hell is breaking lose and the democrats not only do nothing to stop it, their “plans” make things worse, you have to ask yourself if they’re getting exactly what they want. 

Is this all happening on purpose?

Yes, I believe it it.

In many situations we find ourselves in, the democrats have actually CAUSED the chaos and destruction. Yes, it’s true that they are incompetent and can’t manage anything but it’s also true that what is happening aligns with their political goals.

If the democrats were actually concerned about the Americans trapped in Afghanistan, they’d re-take the air base. They’d make a perimeter around the Taliban perimeter. They’d send convoys out to rescue Americans. They’d bomb the Embassy and the Presidential Palace where the Taliban leaders are. 

They’d be moving heaven and earth to get them out. 

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They are not. 

Biden hid out for most of the first week of the crisis, some of it vacationing in Delaware and is only in DC now because the optics would look bad if we wasn’t. 

And we have democrat New York Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer dancing with Late Show host Stephen Colbert at New York’s Homecoming Concert in Central Park on Saturday.

Can you imagine the bad press thrown on Trump if he was anywhere outside of the White House during the Afghanistan crisis? Of course, we all know, we wouldn’t have HAD this crisis with Trump as president.

And what if Trump was on video dancing while Americans were trapped in a middle east country? Wow. That would be the story of the century.

There doesn’t appear to be an emergency mindset from Biden and his leftist friends to get American hostages out of Afghanistan. And that’s what they are now. Hostages.

There doesn’t appear to be round-the-clock meetings with military leaders to rescue Americans. No long brainstorming sessions. Probably because they don’t have enough brains to do something like that. 

No, they’re too busy with the messaging. That’s what they’re working on. That’s what is important to them. Not looking bad. They go on TV and praise themselves about what a good job they are doing and lie to us about what’s going on even though we have video to show us differently.

And apparently we have White House Communications Director Kate Bedingfield who gets to decide if she lets Biden take questions about it or not. She actually said “I’ll let him make a decision on whether he’s going to take questions this afternoon” when she was talking about his latest press conference. 

Let him? Why wasn’t her statement a major headline?? 

Is this a comedy show? No, it’s a tragedy. It’s a sad, disgusting, heartbreaking, horrible horrible joke on all of us because what is happening is totally being done on purpose by the democrat party.

It also exposes their hypocrisy about being advocates for women. The women of Afghanistan essentially don’t have a life anymore and I don’t see the democrat women politicians up in arms about it.

So the chaos that we have going on in Afghanistan and in our own country is a direct result of democrat policies and decisions…

Illegal aliens are invading the country with Covid and crime because the democrats WANT it to happen. They want to change the demographics of the country and they want more votes because they can’t cheat forever.

Our police are being demonized and crime is up because the democrats WANT it to happen. They let the criminals out of jail, they don’t prosecute crimes, they do everything they can do to be on the side of the criminals. This is all done under their the marketing of the democrat party being on the side of “equity.”

And one of the worse tragedies of all. America has lost it’s standing in the world and our trust with other countries because of Biden’s handling of the Afghanistan pull out.

It’s because the democrats WANTED that to happen. They don’t want America to be a superpower. They don’t want our military to appear strong and threatening.

Remember Obama’s words over the years. It was a warning of things to come.

The second he became president, he went around apologizing to other countries for America’s past.

He apologized to France and Europe in April of 2009 about our alliance with them and said “there have been times when America has shown arrogance and been dismissive, even derisive.”

And who can forget when he said “We can’t drive our SUVs and eat as much as we want and keep our homes on 72 degrees at all times … and then just expect that other countries are going to say OK. That’s not leadership. That’s not going to happen.”

Yes, America must be brought down to third world status. America is bad and it’s founding was bad. America shouldn’t be the beacon of hope to anyone. 

Americans shouldn’t have freedom, prosperity and safety. 

At least not under the democrats’ watch.