I’ve been in the animal rescue environment (dogs and cats) for quite a while and have done some pretty extensive investigations into government run animal shelters. I exposed the horrors of one country enough that it resulted in their county meetings being filled to the brim with outraged residents, demanding changes. 

As a result of spotlighting a corrupt and evil animal shelter director who the county was turning a blind eye to, I helped get the shelter’s kill rate of dogs and cats down from over a thousand a year to a total of only eight cats and dogs that were euthanized the last I checked their numbers. Yes, EIGHT.

As tax paying citizens, we are allowed to investigate what our counties are doing with our tax money and hold them accountable. Especially when they are working against the needs and wishes of the public. Especially when they are doing illegal things. Especially when they are doing immoral things. And when we get our proof of what they are doing, we expose them. 

That’s what the media USED to do but they are woefully dropping the ball, mostly on purpose, to cover up for their chosen political party.

In order to expose the incompetence and evil-ness of our government, we have to submit requests to see their records. 

In my state, it’s called a FOIA – Freedom of Information Request. And there are rules (of course) about what can be released and what will be redacted, and deadlines and schedules and fees and information on appeals and so forth.

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The governments that want to hide things (that includes most of the people that I FOIA-ed) will play games with you. They’ll wait until the last minute to give you information or an excuse about how they need more time. 

They’ll charge you the price of a house to get the records for you.

They’ll deny you on BS reasons, like telling you the records you asked for don’t exist (you sometimes have to have exact names), or they can’t find stuff. They come up with all sorts of excuses but you can always appeal.

Even when they finally have to approve your request, they’ll still play games. 

I asked for emails one time and not only got duplicate of things (out of order), I got quadruplicates. Boxes and boxes of stuff. I still found out what they were hiding and exposed them. All they did was buy themselves a little time and they tried to charge me extra for all the copies they made – but I appealed that too.

I’ve never been sued for requesting the information though. That’s a new one.

I recently learned about Nicole Solas, a Rhode Island mom, being sued because she’s been requesting records on the critical race theory teachings going on in her child’s school. Some of the records she is requesting include the emails of teachers.

In addition to already giving her a bill in July for $74,000 for requested records, the leftists think they can stop her by filing their lawsuit.

The National Education Association Rhode Island is suing Solas because they say the email requests are an “unwarranted invasion of personal property.”

No they’re not. The email addresses that teachers have are given to them by the school system and thereby accessible by FOIA requests. The teachers should expect, at any time, that any administrators can look at them. They should expect, at any time, that any parent or resident of the the county can look at them through a FOIA request.

This new tactic from the left is just another weapon in their arsenal – an addition to the threats, bullying and intimidation they are using all over the country as parents expose their racist CRT teachings. 

These people PRETEND to care about bullying and threats against students but they have no problem doing it themselves against anyone that they perceive to be an enemy against their radical agendas.

Solas said on Fox News that the school officials want immunity from public scrutiny. She said, “That’s not how open government works in America. Academic transparency is not a collective bargaining negotiation. It’s a parental right.”