The democrats were fine voting for anyone, anything but Trump. And they certainly got that. They could not have cared less what the trade off was to elect an incompetent, senile puppet who is being controlled by the radical Obama and his minions.

What we have now only seven months later is fundamental transformation of our country for the worse. Obama got it started in 2009 but he wanted to be perceived as the nice guy. Using Biden as his puppet lets him change the country into the fascist cesspool that he always envisioned but not getting blamed for anything.

Seven months of the Biden Rice Klain Obama administration (I no longer think Kamala is smart enough to be at the top) has brought us soaring inflation, supply chain issues, a shortage of workers, the loss of constitutionally guaranteed freedoms, out of control illegal alien invasion, rapid spread of the Delta variant (due to the illegal alien invasion), high crime rates, racist policies, the loss of Afghanistan, and spending and edicts up the wazoo to control us and plunge us into an economic abyss.

If the democrats keep the House in 2022 or win any additional Senate seats, and keep the presidency in 2024, that will be 100% verification that they’re still cheating because who in their right minds would vote for what the democrats have brought to the country in seven months?

What kind of president has no competent exit plan for Afghanistan and has to send in 5000 troops to rescue Americans that should have never been put in harms’s way?

What kind of president signs an executive order to take away the property rights of homeowners after the Supreme Court already told him was unconstitutional? 

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What kind of president sanctions vaccine passport and has an administration that tells us we might have our interstate travel restricted? 

What kind of president praises disgraced New York democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo after learning that he resigned because he was reported to have sexually harassed at least 11 women? Biden said it’s just so sad that he resigned because he did a “hell of a job.”

Really, Biden? What did he do a great job with? Decades of harassing women? Killing thousands of elderly with COVID-19 in nursing homes or rejecting COVID-19 help from Trump and making his state one of the top two failures in his pandemic response?

And what kind of president has his DOJ NOT investigate the nursing home scandal of Cuomo and the other three democrat governors who sent COVID-19 positive patients into nursing homes, killing thousands?

Biden is the frontman for the radical progressives in the democrat party. He doesn’t really care that he will be the one blamed for his blatant failures and not the radical Obama syndicate. He just likes being president. Like Hillary Clinton, he thinks the job was owed to him. And wifey, Jill, is a co-conspirator in propping him up as our fake president.

The only evidence you need to see to know that Biden is not running he country is his recent inability to go in the right door of the White House even with a Secret Service agent pointing the way. Talk about scary. There’s a reason they kept him out of the public’s eye during the presidential campaign.