Decades ago brave men and women all over America sat at segregated lunch counters to protest discrimination against those who wouldn’t bend a knee to segregationist government. Those actual white supremacist local and state governments had mandated that a certain class of people were not worthy to take part in public association at public venues. Well, ironically, in liberal New York City, the same is happening today.

Washington Post: “New York City will soon start requiring people to show proof of coronavirus vaccinations for indoor activities such as dining and working out at gyms, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Tuesday, making it the first major U.S. city to implement such a policy. The new requirement takes effect Aug. 16 and will include restaurants, indoor fitness centers and entertainment facilities. Workers and customers will have to show they have received at least one vaccine dose.”

“It’s time for people to see the vaccine as literally necessary for living a good and full and healthy life,” said Marxist Mayor Bill de Blasio. “This is crucial because we know this will encourage a lot more vaccination. We’ve seen it already.” Who in the hell gives a mayor the power to decide what constitutes “living a good and full and healthy life”? This takes “pursuit of happiness” way past the intent.

“Our choice is to act now or face more difficult options down the road,” New York city council member Mark Levine, a Democrat who chairs the health committee, said in a news conference. “This is not an easy policy, it’s not a policy without controversy, but that has defined every difficult decision we’ve had to make in this crisis.” And there’s the key, the “crisis.” The same crisis we were told would go away with masks, lockdowns, and vaccinations. But guess what? Government likes this crisis, and the enhanced power it brings to them, way too much to let it go without a fight.

This remains a virus  even the Delta variant, with over a 95 percent recovery rate. In fact these days it is hard to find someone who has the malady. It’s as hard, as my older Army pals would say (I’ll clean up the aphorism), “as finding a maiden in Saigon.”

What the Marxist government of New York City has done is create a group of second class citizens out of those who will not give government control of their bodies. In a city where abortion on demand is as available as the morning paper, the “my body, my choice” hypocrisy is flagrant and obvious. However, as we have written before, New Yorkers voted this government into power and are now getting its consequences, as Mencken said, “good and hard.” Thus, if any of them are upset by this attempt to prolong a crisis for political benefit, they have nobody to blame but themselves.