Those of you, like me, who are film buffs may recognize the headline as a parody of a line in the 1931 classic, “Little Caesar.” No, it’s not a movie about pizza.

Edward G. Robinson, playing a gangster, laments his demise by saying, “Mother of mercy, is this the end of Rico?” Today, some (not anyone outside of a gutter) may be lamenting the possible political end of Andrew Cuomo and perhaps also that of his younger brother Chris of CNN. I stress, possible.

The parallels with Robinson’s Cesare Enrico Bandello are myriad. Both the character and Andrew Cuomo have killed people. One fictitiously through gangland murder, the other indirectly through government malfeasance. Neither has exactly an enlightened attitude towards women. Bandello per 1920s/30s mobster style, Cuomo through a modern Democrat style that bellowed support for victims of sexual harassment, both legitimate and not, as he groped and mauled his way around Albany.

Though, as noted in the headline, perhaps Andrew Cuomo doesn’t have enough criminal gravitas to fill the shoes of Rico. Maybe he’s more along the lines of Fredo Corleone.

Bumbling, ostentatious, a member of a criminal enterprise (the Democrat Party), a real chadrool, the similarities between the younger Corleone and Andrew Cuomo are readily apparent. The same can be said for Chris Cuomo.

With nowhere near the juice of his older brother, Chris Cuomo plods along at CNN embarrassing himself, his brother, and the network. The recent report by NY AG Leticia James that chronicles the governor’s serial harassment and worse towards women also notes the enabling and public relations function Chris Cuomo played in the campaign to cover up the crimes of his brother.

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Like a cackling hyena at the heels of the NY Dem boss, that Cuomo made jokes with his brother as the scandals of the dead in nursing homes and constant sexual misdeeds were swirling about. Even a couple of days ago, after the James report came out, Chris Cuomo ignored it. Now granted, conflict of interest comes into play here and perhaps CNN wouldn’t let him cover the story. Also, in this instance, given what James wrote, he was part of the story.

All this would make you think it is career curtains for the Cuomo brothers. Every Dem in New York and even Joe Biden has called for the governor’s resignation or impeachment. Media sharks are after the CNN goon’s professional blood. But you know what? It may not matter.

Most Dems have called for Cuomo’s resignation before. He didn’t go anywhere. If CNN fires Chris Cuomo they would not only be giving other newsies a victory, but also handing conservatives a major coup. Could the low rated leftist news network stomach that? Or will they just wait until the media storm blows over and then just go about their business? Probably not. But possible. Will Andrew Cuomo hold fast and do the same? Will his scandals become yesterday’s news? Not likely. But maybe. My call? Andrew goes, Chris stays. Such is the moral and professional calculus of the political and media world in America today.