Yes, as usual, President Disaster has been nowhere to be found for days after completely screwing up the Afghanistan pull out. Just like he’s nowhere to be found on the the disaster at the border and the increased crime wave in the country – all of which fall squarely in his lap for his responsibility in being the root case of it all.

I’m sure you remember the leftists crying about how horrible republican Texas Senator Ted Cruz was when he flew off to Cancun after his state had a winter weather disaster. And Cruz didn’t even CAUSE the winter storm. Leftists demanded that Ted Cruz resign over the whole thing but have been silent on Biden’s disappearance during the fall of Afghanistan.

President Disaster is totally responsible for the FUBAR of the Afghanistan pull out even though his speechwriters, as expected, blamed most of it on Trump and the Afghan Army. 

Poor Biden said that he inherited the deal that Trump negotiated with the Taliban. However, Trump haven’t been overseeing the pull out and as things on the ground changed, Biden didn’t. Trump had benchmarks and the pull out was conditional. He wouldn’t have allowed the Taliban to take over cities one by one at a furious pace.

And all of a sudden Biden is locked into something that Trump negotiated after Biden has stopped doing EVERYTHING ELSE that Trump started? We’re seriously supposed to buy that?

After blaming Trump, he mostly blamed the Afghans for their unwillingness to fight. But why would the Afghan Army continue to fight the Taliban after the United States told them they would no longer receive air support or intelligence from us? Even with our help, they have had some 70,000 casualties. Sounds like they have been willing to fight – until our government abandoned our support for them to continue.

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During Biden’s address to the nation, he said nothing about HIS role in the complete incompetent pull out of our soldiers. He decided to move ahead with the pull out even after his Generals advised him not to. Biden knows better. Biden has a target date of September 11th to declare victory and tell everyone he’s the president who finally got us out of Afghanistan. He MUST move forward on that.

In reality, Biden didn’t come up with a plan to protect anyone – whether it’s an American soldier, U.S. Embassy personnel, Afghan soldiers, Afghan interpreters or the women who are currently being raped and taken out of their homes to be wives of the Taliban fighters.

Over the past several days, Biden has been AWOL with no reassuring words about how the thousands of Americans still in Afghanistan are going to be saved. And he has issued no public threats to the Taliban about what will happen to them if any Americans are killed. 

Biden has had no plan other than to make sure his speechwriters came up with a really good spin on what’s going on and how Trump and the Afghans are to blame for everything. He, of course, didn’t utter the names of Obama or Bush as instructed.

Biden would have stayed on vacation for another few days if he hadn’t been getting completely pounded by the republicans all over the news and on Twitter for hiding out while American lives are in danger. 

Compounding Biden’s PR problem is the widely circulated video of thousands of Afghans chasing the United States Air Force C-17 transport plane that was whisking away Americans out of the airport. 

Many Afghans were killed trying to flee, some hanging onto the jet and falling to their deaths. They obviously knew they had no chance to hold onto the plane so I believe it was a political statement to the world. They knew they were going to die anyway and wanted to show everyone how America betrayed them.

This foreign policy disaster is ALL on Biden and the democrats no matter what lies and flowery words they come up with.

Biden did a cut in run in the middle of the night, leaving behind enough equipment and a nice military base for the Taliban to use against the Afghan citizens and the Americans. Biden gifted the Taliban with United States weapons, munitions and military equipment including armored tanks and anti-aircraft guns among other things.

They also left behind many translators who have a target on them. It’s being reported that the Taliban are going house to house collecting weapons and also killing anyone who worked with the Americans.

So amid this Afghanistan disaster, the fake news media has been doing their best to cover for the Biden FUBAR by trying to dedicate most of their airtime to COVID-19 and the Haiti earthquake. Those who are forced to cover the Afghanistan situation are, of course, blaming Trump for everything. They have been sitting back awaiting their marching orders from President Disaster’s team on how to spin things for them.

But never fear because Biden is a hero according to the insane Speaker of the House democrat Nancy Pelosi. 

She hasn’t been concerned at all the past few days about Biden not making an address to the nation but she has told everyone that she’s very impressed with Biden’s leadership and wisdom. She said, “The president is to be commended for the clarity of purpose of his statement on Afghanistan and the actions he has taken.”

So I guess allowing the Taliban to take over Afghanistan and murder people – and having the president hide out during everything – well that takes great wisdom according to the democrat party.

Poor Ted Cruz didn’t get the same treatment. He was accused of abandoning his state and his dog during the winter storm. He was a horrible horrible person.

Biden’s a good guy though. Democrats always are no matter how much stuff they screw up or how many thousands of Americans they put in harm’s way with their dangerous and foolish policies.

Don’t worry though. I’m sure if any Americans get kidnapped in Afghanistan, Michelle Obama will help old Joe out and jump right on it by tweeting out a hashtag that says #BringBackOurAmericans.