When we elect senators, we actually elect them to work, not play games. But it seems like 90% of their job is participating in spin, doing PR and campaigning. 

When they DO actually show up to work, they waste time voting on non-binding resolutions to help with their spin, PR and campaigning.

On Tuesday, when the senators voted on the democrat’s $3.5 trillion fraudulent infrastructure plan to push their climate change agenda, a Republican-backed amendment went through 50-49 that would ban federal funds from being used to teach critical race theory. The vote to push it over the edge came from West Virginia democrat Senator Joe Manchin.

Don’t get all excited though. It means absolutely nothing.

It’s what’s called a non-binding resolution and can’t legally be enforced. It’s just a talking point for both sides to be able to tell their constituents that they care – or don’t care – about the amendment that was passed. 

It’s a statement. It’s nothing that can be converted into legislation.

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It’s all for show.

They end up wasting time debating B.S. that is only good for campaigning. 

The amendments are useless.

Just like most of our senators.