Once an “entitlement” starts, it’s hard to get rid of it. The democrats have made an art form of making their voters victims if the government doesn’t pay for their ENTIRE life – child care, health care, electric cars, food, college, retirement and everything else that they tell their voters is a “right.”

Since the government pays for so much, it’s sometimes hard to come up with new things to subsidize but the democrats are creative so don’t worry. They have even come up with the holy grail of all entitlements – universal income.

During the pandemic, not having to pay rent was the new entitlement. To be fair, this scam started under Trump – but at least he had good intentions. He wanted it to be short-term to actually help during an emergency. It wasn’t meant to go on forever. Or even a year.

But now that the democrats have made the pandemic a permanent emergency – and will as long as possible – they don’t want the rent moratorium to ever stop.

Trump had originally announced an executive order for an eviction moratorium that began on September 4, 2020 and was supposed to go through the end of that year. The stimulus package in December of 2020 included the funding to help renters make payments. This money got distributed through state and local governments.

The moratorium got extended several times but now it’s over unless congress intervenes. All the usual leftists like AOC and Elizabeth Warren are wailing about the injustice of it all.

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Just like every other unconstitutional and illegal rule or policy during the pandemic, the moratorium was implemented under the CDC and the Dept. of Health and Human Services “emergency” powers. This one was from the Public Health Service Act. 

The rent wasn’t waived though. It is still due to be paid. The moratorium just said that people couldn’t be evicted. So the owners of the property got screwed – and still are. And the renters STILL own the fees, penalties and interest for not paying rent on time.

So now we have a situation where renters might owe $10,000+ if they haven’t been paying their rent for a while.

Sorry, but they SHOULD be evicted. Were they waiting for Santa Claus to come along and pay their rent?

Instead of waiting for Santa Claus (the democrats) to pay their rent, they can actually go out and work for a living. There are jobs ALL OVER THE PLACE to help them pay their rent – and at a high paying hourly rate to boot.

People who haven’t been working have received MULTIPLE stimulus checks, unemployment, extra unemployment and child care credits.

Where exactly has that money been going? Burger King? Video games? Going to the bar? Vacations? Cigs? Big screen TVs?

This situation kind of reminds me of when I used to volunteer for the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree program in Tennessee. We gave away food and Christmas presents to the “needy.” 

But the “needy” who showed up wore leather jackets, had cell phones (when cell phones wen’t popular yet), gold jewelry and drove up in a better car than I had.

I kept volunteering with the Christmas program but I didn’t buy anything for the kids because a lot of them weren’t really needy. They just had bad parents.

I bought gifts for the seniors – the elderly who had only asked for socks and underwear. But I gave them more than that because it was Christmas and they deserved something more.

So it seems to me that a lot of people right now are just gaming the system. They are trying to get away with what they can and they have messed up priorities, waiting for the government to take care of them. 

Yes, there are people who might actually need the rent moratorium program but to put your head in the sand and think you’re going to come up with $10K all of a sudden after a year is ludicrous. 

I think these people just thought that the democrats would come around and bail them out of the whole thing. 

And maybe they will. If that’s the case, then the rest of us who payed our rent are the REAL suckers.