Looks like Obama entertained a maskless and partially unvaccinated crowd for his super-spreader birthday bash over the weekend. And there was NO social distancing whatsoever.

Is anyone surprised?


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Rules for thee and not for me is the democrat mantra these days.

Democrats are busy controlling the people, not the pandemic.

Their “the sky is falling” mantra everyday to force masks and vaccines on everyone is way over the top ridiculous, hypocritical and politically motivated. They are frauds.

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They shut down our businesses so we can’t get haircuts while ice cream hoarder Speaker of the House democrat Nancy Pelosi goes out to get a haircut in secret – and maskless.

They tell us not to leave our homes and go on vacation and then Michigan Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s hubby goes to her northern Michigan get-away – and her husband tries to pull rank to get his boat in the water (that didn’t work).

This happened after Whitmer told us, ”Michiganders may travel between their residences, but I still strongly discourage people from doing so unless it is absolutely necessary. We ask that you consider not doing that.”

They tell us we have to mask up on airplanes but when the runaway Texas House democrats fly off to DC, there is not a mask in sight.

Other democrats are constantly seen out in public doing things they have ordered us (and threatened us) not to do.

But never fear, we have FINALLY figured out why the leftists are immune from COVID-19. According to NY Times writer Annie Karni, it’s because we are just not sophisticated like Obama and his democrat friends.

Apparently, the virus doesn’t infect the sophisticated folks. Obama’s sophisticates were, of course, on Martha’s Vineyard after all.

In her elitist defense of Obama’s super-spreader event, Karni says, “This has really been overblown, they’re following all the safety precautions, people are going to sporting events that are bigger than this, this is going to be safe, this is a sophisticated, vaccinated crowd and this is just about optics it’s not about safety.”

I guess that’s what happened with the Black Lives Matter riots too. They were sophisticated so they were allowed to riot during a pandemic with the support of all of the leftists.

And the illegal alien invaders too. They are ALSO sophisticated, right? 

But WE are not, of course are NOT sophisticated. Not us republicans, conservatives and Trump supporters.

All of the Trump events are super-spreader events and so is the upcoming Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota. The left is already up in arms about it.

Frauds, frauds, everywhere are democrat frauds. 

They are frauds and liars even during a pandemic. 

What totally sick people.

We need a vaccine to keep people from being a democrat.