Over two decades ago, when I was a political consultant, a close associate expressed her support for a potential presidential candidate this way, “I think he cares about me.” Now, this person had never met the possible candidate, never talked to them, and as far as I know, has never talked to him or met him. But this pal still thought, “he cared.” What utter horse manure.

What had happened was that my friend had fallen prey to the emotional manipulations of political pros like me. She was deluded into thinking she had a personal bond with the guy. Nope. Nada, zilch, zip. You’d think the Cuomo affair would teach the drooling rabble a lesson not to put their faith in politicians? Nah. Certain people love to be fooled, they wallow in it. It is not an attractive quality.

That’s why I implore you dear reader, stop worshipping politicians of any sort. At least while they’re alive and can take advantage of it. This goes for pols of every party and ideology. Just cut it out. They’re not worth it.

I spent 10 years as a political volunteer, starting at 9 years old. Went pro after my Army service at 30. Did that for almost 20 years. Since then have spent the last five years as a political writer. In all that time, granted, have met some impressive people. Even helped put a few in office. But they were, and are, in the tiny minority. 10-15 percent tops. The rest were of the Cuomo, etc. type, raging ids stalking the political plains looking for victims.

Whether it’s a blustering buffoon, a creepy serial sexual adventurer, a corrupt kleptocrat, a smarmy cretin in love with the sound of their own voice, or just your garden variety elected official, or aspirant, who is slightly below the level of child molester on the moral scale, stop putting these people on pedestals.

They are not golden calfs to be danced around at well choreographed rallies. They are false idols who hope to develop an emotional association with voters to distract said voters. From what? From peculiar policy positions and very personal peccadilloes, things that no working politician wants made public.

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I could tell you stories that would make a moray eel ralph in pure disgust. However, even beside the factor of integrity or basic intelligence, why worship any politician at all? We’re Americans. We’re supposed to be independent thinkers who threw off the concept of political kingship more than two centuries ago. Why then do millions of people still insist on treating politicians as royalty?

The Kennedy cult is one example. How a conniving team of cutthroat brothers managed to gain that much power is a sad comment on how the press can be charmed and conned and how Americans bought into it. Other more recent examples abound, especially on social media, as politicians are shown cavorting with Christ and coming close to being deified themselves. That is not the proper attitude in a republic. So, please, take off your rose colored glasses and get off your knees. Free people have better things to do.