Democrats being vile is nothing new. Especially on Twitter.

Most of their vile behavior has been directed towards Trump (like wanting to behead him). But with Orange Man Bad mostly off the scene, they have to direct their vile-ness on others.

Other Republicans. And of course Trump supporters. And it doesn’t matter if these people are black, gay or any other minority, the democrats pretend to support either. Anyone on the right is fair game to them for their hatred.

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It was reported recently that a vaccinated Lindsey Graham has gotten COVID-19 – and that brought out the subhuman democrats from under their rocks.

Kate Coyne-McCoy, a strategist of the Rhode Island Democratic party, tweeted out “It’s wrong to hope he dies from Covid right? Asking for a friend.”

Having gone SO far over the line, she actually received criticism from the left as well as the right. 

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In an almost unprecedented move, she got enough crap from her own party that she finally had to delete her tweet and then she tweeted out an apology about using poor judgement.

But she was just playing to the crowd. The leftist Twitter trolls were all over the place wishing death and destruction on Graham and any other Republican in his orbit.

One Twitter leftist was really really really enjoying it all. He said, “Biden is President. Lindsey Graham has Covid. Not a bad little Monday at all. I rather enjoyed it.”

Democrats were no kinder to Republican Herman Cain after he died of COVID-19. They were gleeful and celebratory.

This is what we get from the democrat party these days. 

On full display. They no longer feel they have to hide their true feelings.

They are exactly who we have always thought they were.