As the leftists try to manage the people in America because they are unable to manage the virus, it’s important to remind everyone that Covid Zero is not a thing. 

Barring some miracle cure, we will never get rid of COVID-19. It’s here to stay and we have to learn how to manage it, treat it and live with it.

If we had a presidential administration that actually told the truth and collected the data we really need, we might actually have a shot at managing it in a decent manner. But that’s not going to happen until there’s a Changing of the Guard in January of 2025.

Every decision the democrats make is based on politics, not science or medical information. Even the COVID-19 booster decision is based on panic and seeing virus numbers increasing. It’s not based on whether they can prove that a third vaccine is safe or not (or has a good time frame of efficacy).

So we have a few years to fend for ourselves. In that time, we need to get as informed as we can with limited information. 

Some of the best information you can get is by joining a COVID-19 survivors group and see what kind of therapeutics are working, things to do to improve your condition and what to watch out for. And you can also keep track of positivity numbers and hospitalizations in your area to see what kind of risk you have.

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Even if you are a lockdown country like New Zealand, you won’t be virus-low or virus-free forever with the global economy and airplanes. 

We could get our numbers down to only 20 people with the virus on the entire planet and it’s easy enough to start the pandemic all over again. It started with one person to begin with.

As you’ve probably heard before, a virus will virus.

And with open borders in the United States, the democrats have condemned the entire planet to COVID-19 forever.