Chicago democrat (gay, black, female) Mayor Lori Lightfoot and NY democrat (straight, white, male) Governor Andrew Cuomo actually have quite a lot in common.

They are both illustrations of what the democrat party is all about. 

They are both inept, completely unable to do their jobs to service and protect their constituents.

High on the list of their similarities is that neither of them has been letting dead bodies get in their way as they rule over their subjects. 

Cuomo was taken down by the Me Too movement, not the COVID-19 nursing home scandal. Cuomo is responsible for killing thousands of elderly people in nursing homes due to his COVID-19 mandates and Lightfoot does nothing about the high number of shootings and deaths in her city – except to call to defund the police of course.

In October of last year, Lightfoot’s budget included a $80 million reduction in money going to the police department, including wanting to reallocate the funds to the “Office of Public Safety Administration” to fund clerical jobs.

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In an interview with the NY Times in June of last year, Lightfoot trashed the police by sang “What I’ve learned is that the cultural dysfunction in the Police Department is so deep that it’s going to take enormous effort to disrupt it.”

And Cuomo wasn’t taken down by the COVID-19 nursing home scandal and all of the deaths. No one seems to care about that. In fact, the Biden DOJ could care less about looking into how and why so many elderly people in nursing homes were killed under Cuomo – or Michigan’s Governor Gretchen Whitmer or any of the other democrat governors. 

The democrats protect their own no matter how many people die because of these imbeciles. That’s pretty evident when you look at the open borders. The democrats don’t care about the crime OR the virus that illegal aliens bring into our country. 

The safety and security of the American people is the last thing on the minds of the democrat party.

The democrats in power around and above Cuomo finally decided they had enough of him and decided that the Me Too movement was the easiest way to get rid of him. This came, of course, at the end of decades of his bad behavior which they all knew about and allowed.

Cuomo surprisingly resigned on Tuesday which means he had no other choice. Something worse was obviously coming down the pike if he didn’t.

And over in Chicago, the police decided that they have had enough of Lightfoot too. When she went to the hospital after a police office and young mother was fatally shot and her partner remains in critical condition, they all turned their backs on her like she has done to them.

Chicago is an example of the kind of cesspool that the democrats are inflicting on us everywhere in the country with their assaults on the police – verbally, financially and with their BLM and Antifa armies. 

And New York has been a cesspool of crime, COVID-19 death and tyrannical rule by a corrupt mayor who held on until he no longer could – but thanks to the fake news media, he held on far longer than any Republican would have been able to.

Since we have no reports on Lightfoot harassing anyone, Chicago is going to have to put up with her for a while since the media and the residents of Chicago don’t seem to care how many dead bodies are stacking up in their city every day.