Biden and his leftist Obama administration friends don’t have an accounting for the weapons and equipment that they left for the Taliban to use.

Biden and his leftist Obama administration friends don’t know how many Americans are trapped in Afghanistan (or at least they won’t tell us).

Biden and his leftist Obama administration friends have NO PLAN to get Americans to the airport in Kabul so our troops can save them and bring them home.

Biden isn’t even deft or bright enough to understand the problem. 

Biden keeps talking about the pull out and the Trump “deadline” he had to stick to (which he didn’t) when the REAL issue is HOW it was done. 

And it sucked. 

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It’s a catastrophe of epic proportions with 10K+ Americans trapped inside a terrorist run country. Shutting down our air base in the dark of night without even telling our Afghan allies was beyond asinine.

But Biden and his leftist Obama administration buddies are ALL OVER the illegal alien crisis at the border. They’re not all over STOPPING it – they’re all over trying to get more illegals into the country as fast as they can. 

That’s a priority for the democrat party. Not American lives. Not American lives at home and certainly not American lives in Afghanistan.

The HHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas says that he has “a plan” for the border.

What’s the plan? Well, it’s certainly NOT to stop the invasion of the illegals into the country. You misunderstand the goal of the democrats if you think that.

The plan is to help the illegal aliens get settled into the country as fast as possible. That’s why they have all of the NGOs taking them in and that’s why they’re moving them around the country so quickly in order to make more room for new ones to arrive.

Oppressed by climate change, the needs of the illegals must be met as soon as possible. Mayorkas said, “The impact of climate change, extreme weather events, the reason people are fleeing their homes is quite significant.”

His plan is to improve the ability to “promptly and efficiently” consider asylum claims for illegals while ensuring fundamental fairness for due process, human dignity and to promote equity.

That’s because illegal aliens are likely to vote democrat in the future when they get amnesty. But Americans in Afghanistan must be Trump supporters. Afghan allies too I guess. 

Why do I say this? Because the Biden folks aren’t moving heaven and earth to get Americans out of Afghanistan. Biden’s not on TV every five seconds like Trump would have been to threaten hellfire if they touch one American and don’t clear out of the way so Americans can to get to the airport.

It’s too bad that the Americans in Afghanistan aren’t significantly impacted by climate change. And promise to register as a democrat.

Maybe then, Biden would use some of his precious time to promptly and efficiently get Americans the HELL OUT OF AFGHANISTAN.