I remember in the beginning of the pandemic when the nurses, doctors, EMTs and the like were all being called heroes by the everyone. 

Yard signs were put up all over America thanking them for risking their lives to save Americans with COVID-19 and governors were giving them “hazard pay” for working.

Not anymore.

Now they are the devil according to the leftists who are forcing vaccine mandates on everyone.

Writer and ex-New York Times reporter Alex Berenson keeps on top of all things COVID-19 and he recently tweeted out about a hospital in California where 70 NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) nurses are ready to walk.

He received an email from a nurse at the CHOC Children’s Hospital in Orange County, California where they have been mandated to get vaccinated by September 30th. If they don’t, they get five days unpaid suspension. If they don’t the COVID-19 vaccine in that time period, they get fired on October 6th.

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The hospital could lose 70 nurses in NICU and many others in the other departments of the hospital. 

“The principle of forcing a vaccine on someone goes against everything we’ve ever been taught as nurses,” Modesto nurse Laura Estrella said.

Berenson predicts this will be a national crisis. Another one solely brought on by the democrat party and leftist governors and other politicians. 

The leftists don’t really care about our safety or security. If they did, we wouldn’t have open borders during a pandemic and we wouldn’t have “defund the police” pro-criminal morons making our country less safe with the increased crime going on.

They’re trying to “manage” a virus that can’t be managed. 

But the people CAN be managed so that is what they have chosen to do. 

COVID ZERO isn’t possible and it will never be – but the leftists can certainly use it as long as possible to continue and further their power over us.