There are four things that the Republicans need to run on in 2022 and 2024. These things are obvious to anyone paying attention to what is going on in the country. 

And, as usual, Trump has already figured it out with his “Save America” campaign – although he adds a few more things to his campaign including being pro-life, pro-military, pro-God, pro-2nd amendment, pro-free speech, pro-low taxes and pro-fair elections. 

Save America is just a re-worded way of saying Make America Great again – but it’s the same America First agenda which we are all still on board with – and that the Republicans need to embrace whether Trump runs for president again or not.

The four most pressing issues of the day which can NOT be tolerated as we move forward are the rise of crime and lawlessness; the invasion of illegal aliens; inflation; and the race baiting and Critical Race Theory indoctrination.

The country is falling apart under the Democrats and the Biden Harris Obama administration.

The America that the Democrats have created for us is not acceptable.

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The Democrat’s version of America is not representative of who we are. Going down the path they’re on is not unifying or sustainable for our country to survive. 

The Democrat party’s goals are not compatible with the Declaration of Independence, our Constitution or even laws that exist on a local level. They are a tyrannical party that wants control over everyone and rights given to no one – or at least not anyone that doesn’t agree with them.

Most of the plans of the leftists aren’t even popular. A USA poll showed how only 18% of Americans actually support the Defund the Police movement yet it seems to be one of the main campaign messages of the progressive movement.

Along those lines, Americans DO want police in their communities. In fact, they want more police, not less, even in minority neighborhoods. 

And what about Biden’s handling of crime in America? Well it’s bad news for President Disaster.

Only 38% approve of how Biden is handling crime, with 48% disapproving. My guess is that the 38% is a combination of the criminals who voted in the poll and also the progressives that have their own security details.

And more than half of the country (59%) thinks crimes is a serious problem and those who think it’s “extremely serious” is at a 20-year high.

If you’re lucky enough to live through the current crime wave, you get to go to the grocery store and the gasoline pump and pay an arm and a leg for everything you are buying now. Good-bye stimulus checks. You’ll be lucky to break even by the end of the year.

Democrat policies and lockdowns have created a perfect storm of long lines, food shortages, high prices and staff shortages.

Americans aren’t happy about the illegal alien invasion either. But what can we do about it? Only 33% of Americans are happy with Biden’s border policies – or LACK of border policies is more accurate.

Last but not least, the Democrats are pushing their race baiting to new levels, labeling anything whites do and any criticism against minorities as racism. 

They’ll bring up something that happened more than 100 years ago to point out how racist America is.

The leftists are also indoctrinating our children in schools, in our military and employees at businesses around the country with their racist Critical Race Theory teachings. 

And they don’t care what anyone has to say about it. They will press on. 

Recently the biggest school union in the country, the National Education Association, decided that they will be spending time and money to push back on any criticism of their racist CRT classes. They passed a resolution that it’s “reasonable and appropriate” to include CRT in the curriculum. 

Now THAT is systemic racism. Right in the school system. Approved by the government.

Barring any more cheating on the part of the Democrat party, if the Republicans can’t win elections by going against these four un-American policies of the Democratic party, then I think it’s time to drop the Republican party and start over with a party that actually represents us and knows how to get the America First message across to the voters.