America turned 245 on Sunday. What will the next year hold? To me, it feels like early June, 1944, in Southern England.

We have a lot of good troops. We have good commanders and supplies. We have a solid objective, to take back Congress. And we’re the good guys, usually a plus. But the opposition isn’t sleeping.

They have a festung pop culture that controls media, entertainment, publishing, and academia. They have some decent field generals working for them. They have state organizations that have put obstacles in our path. And they have more than one unbalanced fuhrer who is planning our electoral demise. So what do we do? We fight. We fight them in the cities of the heartland, we fight them in the counties, we fight them in the states. We never surrender.

We do not take counsel of our fears, but look ahead to broad sunlit uplands that may come to pass if we are victorious. While we devise and execute unconventional methods to strike at the opposition, we mainly beat them on hard work and merit. We do not stoop to their corruption, but find ways to neutralize it. We understand, as Reagan said, “The person who agrees with you 80 percent of the time is a friend and an ally – not a 20 percent traitor.” We need to stop hunting heretics and start recruiting converts.

Republicans and conservatives should withstand the temptation, as Democrats and leftists don’t, to advocate extraconstititional methods to deal with the political opposition. Thus, Pelosi and Biden should not go to Gitmo. They should be thrashed at the polls. AOC and Tlaib should not be arrested. They should be politically retired. We should not hanker after the hysterical political hyperbole of the Left, but be the party of reason, logic, and the law.

And we must remember we are a party and movement of ideas, not of mere men. As William F. Buckley, Jr. said, we should support the most electable conservative, not solely the one who conforms to our own biases.

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This will not be easy, as it wasn’t a piece of cake on Omaha Beach. The opposition is well entrenched and holds much of the high ground. And the opposing forces are well hidden from our rhetorical barrages because they have closed minds. They are robots who reject thinking for themselves. All the logical and reasoned political gunfire will not budge them. When we hit the beaches next summer and fall they will be waiting for us.

But that is then and this is now. Robert E. Lee said the morning before the battle was his favorite time. Indeed, the possibilities are endless. We must gird ourselves to fight. To contend fairly, honorably, and within the framework of our political system. But fight. In only that may we restore the best of our constitutional republic.