Right now it seems Republicans are holding a lot of cards. The zeitgeist is fully against Biden and the Democrats. Biden is seen as a confused, perhaps mentally ill, embarrassment.

Congressional Democrats have his albatross to deal with, not to mention, for both Biden and the majority in Congress, the border, crime, inflation, CRT, and a host of other matters that could doom them and give the Republicans control of Congress in 2022 and also the White House in 2024. However, in politics, as in life, things don’t always go as they should.

Bush The Elder had approval ratings in the 90s the year before he lost reelection. Harry Truman wasn’t supposed to win in 1948, neither was Donald Trump in 2016. Both William Howard Taft and, again, Bush The Elder lost because of the intervention of a third party candidate. Both would have likely won without that complication. I could go on. A day is an eternity in politics, over a year, well, what’s longer than eternity?

We, as Republicans and conservatives, must also remember we are up against an opposition that we know cheats. That cheating is covered up by their lapdog media and state governments in their control. We also know we face the full force of the popular culture. Media, entertainment, academia, publishing, music, and the rest of the elements of our cultural dumpster will be arrayed to stop Republicans and conservatives from winning national power.

Their constant drumbeat has an effect. Many malicious, slow, or gullible voters have been rendered virtual political slaves to the twisted power of the counterculture that became the culture. Our education system, in many places, is just a Marxist indoctrination factory. One way or another these forces elected Joe Biden last year and in recent memory elected Barack Obama twice.

I remember thinking in 2012, one could almost understand 2008. A weak Republican presidential candidate, an economy taking hits, white guilt, etc. They all conspired to elect a man who campaigned as a fresh centrist. But he governed like a socialist. America knew that by 2012 and reelected him anyway. As the cliché goes, this is not our father’s electorate. It is something far more dark, far more deadly, far more ready to throw away over two centuries of liberty for authoritarian socialism. And it hasn’t gotten much better over the last ten years. Yes, Trump put a temporary halt to it. That ended in January of this year. The red tide rolls on.

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Which brings us to the headline question. There is possibility, not a probability as of yet, that Republicans will grab defeat out of the jaws of victory. They, sabotaged by outside intervention, did it in Georgia early this year. They’ve done it before. Fringe candidates, cult of personality factors, weak message delivery, myopic strategic goals, cheating, opposition GOTV, could all spell defeat for Republicans, conservatives, and America in 2022 and 2024. No, this is not set in stone. But neither is rain out of a clear sky. And yet sometimes it comes.

Thus we must begin to ask ourselves, what will we do if the rain comes and pours in buckets? What is the American response to an alien way of life foisted upon America by a government that seeks its own people harm? When the edicts that limit economic, religious, and educational freedom stream from Washington, what will we do? When freedom of speech, with the enthusiastic help of Big Tech, is curtailed to ensure the continuation of authoritarian socialist government, what will be our answer? It is a question worth pondering in the theoretical long before it becomes practical.