If you listen closely to the political dialogue today in the United States you’ll hear a lot of things. Hatred of this country from the Left. Hatred of law enforcement from the Left. Hatred of the flag and American values from the Left. Racism from the Left. And the advocacy of authoritarian methods to eradicate political opposition from the fringes of the Right and Left.

What you won’t hear is the current occupant of the Oval Office say a solid thing about any of it. Joe Biden will indulge in platitudes, pieties, and clichés. But aside from that mewing, his silence is deafening.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her full ilk of incompetent bonobo monkeys trash this nation on the anniversary of its founding. Nothing from Joe. Cori Bush and a pack of multicultyrizing tofu nibblers want to defund the police, as criminals turn America’s largest cities into Satan’s trash cans. Nada from Joe.

Our international standing is at the bottom of an outhouse filth bucket. Instead of riding to meetings with the Chinese and Russians in an atomic death toboggan, we show up sloshing along in a kettle of wahoo. Thus we gain all the respect of a Democrat at a rodeo. Does Biden opine on it? Suggest alternatives? He says zilch.

Donald Trump was thin skinned as all get out and couldn’t keep his gob closed if his life depended on it. But the man had guts. Sometimes dumb reckless guts, but guts. You knew where you stood with him. Rome is burning and our present chief executive isn’t even fiddling. That might require some effort. This guy is murmuring into a paper bag and hoping his meds arrive on time.

And while he is silent our schools are becoming critical race theory indoctrination centers. Our military is being brainwashed and feminized. American energy independence is a thing of the past. The media has all the objectivity of Der Sturmer. The culture worships thug diction, vulgar deviance of every sort, and downward intellectual and material mobility. In short, America is moving in the wrong direction and fast. We’re sliding down an abyss. What does the president of the United States have to say about it? Absolutely nothing except empty party sloganeering and decrepit left wing excuses.

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Hell, he can’t even get his hits on the loony Right correct. Calling a riot an insurrection and simultaneously ignoring the hard Right jackboot brigade, who only mirror what they deplore on the hard Left, are not exactly ways to put a bit of stick about in the name of order and liberty. This is an easy one, a layup. But his silence even extends to issues that could gain him political capital with reasonable people.

The man is a cipher, an empty suit, a vacant chair. But those around him are not. It is they who likely mandate his silence in exchange for the trappings of high office. This is our world today. This is America in 2021.