There are many oaths and threats being uttered Thursday night against the justices of the PA Supreme Court. Hollywood, academia, the Left, and many others want a vigilante outcome, not justice, not due process. The PA Supreme Court rightly saw it differently.

Leftist vigilantes are joined on the Right by those who constantly shreik “arrest him!” or “impeach him!” in regards to various officials without legal evidence, without due process, without much. They are as guilty of ignorance of the law and rabid unhinged ideology as those who twice impeached former President Trump on false charges. The bloodthirsty cretins of the Left and the Right have that in common, their unbalanced need for raw vengeance against those who would dare to oppose them. In the end, due process must win out. It did, eventually, in the Trump impeachments. It did in regards to Bill Cosby.

Yes, it is very possible Cosby is guilty of the charges, though when Gloria Allred is involved publicity mongering falsehoods are likely in play. But guilty or not, Montgomery County D A. Bruce Castor decided in 2005 not to prosecute Cosby. Castor said he didn’t have sufficient evidence. This is the same Bruce Castor that made such a hash of the first day of the Trump defense at the second Senate impeachment trial.

But Castor told alleged Cosby victim Andrea Constand he had a better plan. From Slate: “Following a brief investigation, Castor decided that he could not win a criminal prosecution against Cosby, claiming he believed Constand would not be a credible witness. Instead, Castor told Constand that he had hatched a plan to facilitate a civil suit against Cosby. He put out a press release announcing that, as ‘the representative of the sovereign’ (that is, Pennsylvania), he had decided never to prosecute Cosby for this alleged crime. By doing so, Castor said he had stripped Cosby of his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination: Since Cosby couldn’t be prosecuted for his sexual assault, he could no longer refuse to testify about it. Constand then filed a civil suit. At deposition, Cosby admitted that, in the past, he had given quaaludes to women he wanted to have sex with. The parties eventually settled the case for $3.38 million.” Get it? Castor trades Cosby behind bars for Cosby paying up.

So, if Castor had done a better job of investigation then he would have found out what Cosby later admitted to and nailed him. But Castor punted and gives Cosby a no jail card. So then in 2018 D.A. Kevin Steele comes along, ignores the deal that Castor made and gets Cosby convicted. But a deal is deal, due process matters. Steele, because Cosby admitted to things in the civil trial he would not have if he thought he could be prosecuted, used prohibited evidence and testimony from the civil trial in convicting Cosby. The #metoo crowd crows, Steele is hailed, and Cosby goes to jail. Just one problem, the Steele prosecution is a time bomb. It went off Thursday afternoon.

So don’t blame the PA Supreme Court as sundry screaming meemies are doing. Blame Castor for not doing a thorough investigation and Steele for breaking the deal and bringing a prosecution that was legally wrong from the start. Those two, by their malpractice and malfeasance, by Steele ignoring due process, put Cosby back on the street.