If someone once said a liberal’s worst fear is that someone somewhere is having a good time, then the government’s worst fear is to have to give up power or downgrade a perfectly good crisis. Oh, they may mask it as a public health necessity or whatnot. But it is only a talking point. When they have power over anything or anyone they will desperately fight to retain it, at any cost.

Hence why the CDC, Biden administration, and likely soon certain states will reimpose mask restrictions because of the new Covid strain. Remember, this is the same basic virus that has an over 97 percent survival rate. This is the same virus that struck the sick and elderly by 80 percent margins, but left the rest of us relatively alone. This is the same virus that hit hardest, over 50 percent, on the West coast, New York, and New Jersey. Yes, all states experienced its effects, but not like those five states.

These will be the same state governments, like New York, who killed people by malfeasance and got away with it. And these will be the same five states where Democrat governors rule with an iron fist.

If we’ve learned anything from history, both recent and past, it is that government is generally comprised of people who can’t mind their own business. Their days are not complete unless they have the opportunity to control the lives of others. Are all government workers like this? No. Postal service employees and Amtrak conductors are not out for world domination, nor do they get their kicks behaving like minor tyrants.

We’re talking about the petty and major bureaucrats of the administrative state. You see, they think they know better than you how to run your life, how to educate your kids, and how you should decide what you read and see. My experience with these droids has been that their lust for personal power over the daily doings of their fellow citizens stems from a deep sense of underconfidence probably acquired in adolescence. Why do you think they call the White House Correspondents Dinner “The Nerd Prom.”

Somewhere early along the line these people felt hurt, with little to no control over their lives. Now older and professionally successful, they’re going to make the rest of us pay for the slings and arrows allegedly launched at them. They do this, as Rahm Emmanuel admitted, by manufacturing crises that give them greater power than usual over life and limb. The power enhances their injured sense of self worth.

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For without the crises, who would they still be but faceless bureaucrats with pathological inner anger issues. No virus? No increased CDC power, no increased local, county, and federal power, no power over the economy, and no power over the very movement of people to and fro their daily lives. That is why the CDC and the feds propose to bring back mask edicts. Not because of public health, but because of the lure of raw power over the lives of others.