So here’s the scenario, as crazy as it seems.

A Korean spa allowed a customer to flash his penis at women and little girls in a changing room in California.

A video went viral about a week ago after an outraged woman confronted staff at the Wi Spa in Los Angeles regarding this incident. 

According to the video posted on Gateway Pundit, there was a naked man walking around in the women’s changing room. The staff told her that the man identifies as a woman. The outraged woman said, ““What sexual orientation? I see a d**k! It lets me know he’s a man…He is not a female!”

A protest ensued against the spa on July 3rd with the protesters defending the privacy rights of women and girls at the spa.

So what was unusual about this protest?

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Antifa showed up.

What do these anti-police fascists care about a naked guy who could be a potential pedophile walking around naked in front of children in a women’s changing room?

Apparently they care plenty because they not only showed up to protest the protest, they also crossed the street to assault the protesters, including a Latino couple, a journalist and a preacher.

So besides being anti-police arsonists, Antifa is branching out into being pedophile supporters.  

But don’t pay any attention to what they’re up to. The Biden administration sure doesn’t. White supremacists are the problem in America not the Antifa terrorists with molotov cocktails and pedophile friends.