Do you have a high wall outside your home to protect you from the Apache menace? Maybe you and yours read goat entrails at night to predict the weather. No? Why not? Perhaps because you realize the times when those methods were thought efficacious are quite past. Such as it is with masks to guard against COVID-19. But not for all.

Mask wearing has become the new virtue signaling, as leftist buttinskis across the nation embrace it as a way of separating themselves from Americans. And who leads them in this parade? Government.

At many levels, mostly locals remain in this game, governments went hog wild with mask requirements. Never mind the virus had over a 95 percent recovery rate, Big Doc had to protect us from ourselves. But then several conservative states had enough of it. South Dakota, Mississippi, and Texas led the way and started dropping all sorts of virus restrictions, including masks.

Noooo, cried the Left. Noooo, cried government. We’ll lose power! And that is something they don’t like. They reveled in the days when they could issue decrees that kept people at home and closed businesses. Ah, that was the proper place of things. Government in control. Oh sure, they had to break some eggs to make the omelet. But what did they care? They still had their jobs and they were considered essential personnel. They could come and go as they pleased. Ah, sweet control.

However, because of prepackaged political considerations, masks and other annoyances had to go so the Biden administration could claim they and they alone beat COVID-19. Independence from Covid, they claimed on July Fourth. But like Confederate bitter enders, Japanese soldiers found on Pacific islands in the 60s waiting for reinforcement, or those who think Trump will be restored to the White House any day now (All part of the plan, you see), some will not grasp reality. For to do so would injure the Chicken Little attitude that permeates their lives. As for government, well hell, they just liked the power.

But fear not, another crisis will come up. After twenty years and abysmal failure to prove anything, global warming/climate change/Omigod, the polar ice caps will melt by 2020!!! is a bit embarrassing and long in the tooth. Yeah, there will still be the odd celebrity, the really dumb ones, mouthing something or other about the climate. But you can see it in their eyes, the fun is gone.

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What’s next? I’m betting on a domestic crisis. Right wing coup afoot? Our kids choking to death on dirty air? Police arresting criminals? The Left and the feds will not tolerate any of that. So if they have to bring out a legacy scare, Palmer Raids against adoption agencies who counsel against abortion is a viable option, they will just to keep the ball in the air. And of course, to let some go back to virtue signaling with fashion accessories.