There are people of color around who can tell you stories of REAL racism. 

One of my best friends is a black woman in her 70’s. Her and her husband moved to Northern Lower Michigan from the Detroit area a long time ago for a better life, a good job and better schools for their kids. 

Her now-deceased husband had told me real stories of racism that they dealt with and it reminded me of when I lived in the south for more than a decade in the 90’s and early 2000’s.

Living in Michigan, I didn’t see racism very much but the south was a totally different story. The color of your skin was ALL the other race needed to know about you – and all they cared about.

I lived in Nashville, Tennessee and one of the reasons me and my husband left was because of the racism. But it was never just a one-sided thing. Both races were extremely racist. The Civil War isn’t necessarily over in the south – or at least it wasn’t back then.

White Christians would regularly use the “n” word but scoff at you if you took the Lord’s name in vain. Black people would ignore you or be rude just because you were white. 

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I wasn’t raised in that kind of environment and I got sick of it.

And the racism I am talking about in Tennessee was calling people names, not hiring people and treating people differently… basically being a jerk to the other race in any situation. For illustrative purposes, we’ll call this Level 3 racism.

And although I didn’t see it personally, I am quite sure there was Level 2 racism as well – police stopping people of color more often for suspected criminal activity and the courts not giving equal justice to them. 

As bad as Level 2 and 3 racism is, it really pales in comparison to Level 1 racism which includes lynchings and other horrific episodes from our past. 

But Democrats constantly act as if we haven’t evolved at all and that all three levels of racism exist in a systemic manner by huge swaths of people.


What we have now in America (and everyone knows it) are the jerks who commit Level 2 and Level 3 racism. That will never go away because there are always jerks in the world.

But for the past year or so, what we’ve had to put up with the Democrat party pushing is Level Zero racism – which is fake racism that doesn’t actually exist.

Level Zero i.e. the big lie.

The leftists do this as a marketing strategy for the Democrat party but oddly enough, my best friend has never told me that she is scared because of the racism of Dr. Seuss.

She has also never complained about the Aunt Jemima syrup bottle or said that she was offended by yoga or math because it was racist. 

Level 1, 2 and 3 racism is real. 

Democrat Level Zero racism is not. Level Zero is the made up lunacy that the leftists come out with every day to tell us about racist bird names or how the phrases “master bedroom” or “Master’s Tournament” are racist.

The leftists even say that proper grammar is racist. They assume that people of color can’t use proper grammar. Wow. That’s quite a racist assumption on the part of Democrats.

But that is who they are.

The leftists are a real joke. They are using fake racism instead of taking real racism seriously. That helps no one.

The party of KKK and segregation hasn’t changed much. They still treat people of color like idiots and victims and just use them as props.

This kind of behavior diminishes REAL racism that exists – but Democrats don’t care.

The strategy of the leftists is to divide everyone into groups of victims and oppressors based on skin color. They’re doing it with critical race theory in schools, the military and in businesses. 

They call it “anti-racism” but it’s actually REAL racism because all they look at – and all they want everyone else to look at – is skin color.

And that is the very definition of racism.