The #metoo movement, which took its first scalp in the Cosby conviction, is hurting right now. Not that Cosby probably isn’t guilty. But in the finality of it they lost this one in the public relations and legal sense. That will invite scrutiny over the past behavior of the movement. Which will expose their over the top accusations and blatant hypocrisy.

Now look, if a woman is sexually assaulted by anybody an investigation should take place based on facts, not hysteria. If the facts warrant, the accused should be brought to justice and if convicted feel the force of the law. But we’ve seen years ago in the Duke lacrosse case what hysteria can do when it, not justice or facts, permeates a case.

It also makes no sense to believe every accuser, as women, just as men do, lie. We saw that in the Anita Hill and Christine Ford accusations against Clarence Thomas and Brett Kavanagh, respectively. These women made up lies out of their twisted leftist ideologies to smear Republican conservative men. No facts, just lies that didn’t stand up to questioning. The pop culture, egged on by Democrats and the media, made heroes out of these harpies. Both men won in the end and justice was served.

So instead of focusing on the entertainment types who assaulted women as a matter of course, #metoo allowed its movement to he hijacked by the Left into a net designed only to catch conservatives. Remember all the vermin who crawled out of the woodwork to accuse Brett Kavanagh? Not one of them told the truth. No wonder actual sexual predator, and big Democrat player and donor, Harvey Weinstein tried to change the subject when he was nabbed by saying he’d rather focus his energies on stopping the NRA.

For all the bark of the #metoo crowd, remember Tara Reade? She accused Joe Biden of sexual assault. Was she believed by the press? Was she made into a pop culture icon? Uh, no. If somebody is accused and that accusation doesn’t fit the plot, what do the girls at #metoo do? They drop it and fast. After all, can’t go after Joe Biden or any other elected Democrat. That wouldn’t fit their narrative. There have been honorable exceptions, Rose McGowan for one. But the majority of the gals, and wannabe gals, at #metoo don’t give a real rat’s ass about sexual harassment or assault one way or another.

There mission is simple. Go after men, if at all humanly possible, Republicans. If the accused man is a leftist or Democrat, ignore or downplay the charges. The ideology comes first, not the facts, not reality, not the law. The Cosby case was the first #metoo win. Now it’s a loss. It won’t be their last.