The problem with Democrats is that they have too many voting blocs. Sometimes choices have to be made.

Because the Democrats are only concerned with winning elections and gaining power, they have to appease all of their different voters.

Although the Democrats overall have radical progress viewpoints, they are not often consistent in their beliefs. They will give up one thing for another just to win a fight.

Instead of standing on strict ideology, Democrats stand with people and groups of people. 

They target the votes from from groups like blacks, hispanics, LGBTQ, millennials, climate change nuts, illegal aliens, women, party loyalists, progressives, anti-Semites and Muslims.

Many times, their voting blocs clash and choices must be made on who to represent – or who they don’t want to piss off the most. 

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Right now, they have several of these situations going on.

Because Bill Cosby was released from prison, we have a clash between the Me Too Movement that is sticking up for his “victims” and women who are victimized by men – and on the other side, there are those who see another injustice done to a black man.

So far, it looks like the Twitterverse is choosing the women over the black man but the media, for the most part, hasn’t chosen a side yet. That might change soon though now that Cosby has blamed the media (and not Trump) for what happened on January 6th at the Capitol.

There’s also another current clash going on with ESPN’s sports broadcasters. It’s a clash between white female Rachel Nichols and black female Maria Taylor. 

Nichols was recorded a year ago talking about how she believes that Taylor was chosen to host the post-game and pre-game NBA finals because she’s black and the network needs to be seen as more diverse.

And now, because comments about Taylor were made public, she lost her sideline reporting gig to a different black woman – Malika Andrews has taken her place.

I’m wondering what would happen if there was a gay or Muslim black woman to hire. Pretty sure either Taylor or Andrews would get the boot so that an EVEN MORE diverse woman could be hired.

When did all of this insanity start with the leftists eating their own and having to make the most woke choice presented to them? 

It was a while ago when I noticed the first clash and it was windmills. That was the clash between windmills and birds. I thought the birds would win because there are so many animal rights people who are Democrats.

But the Democrats decided to choose the windmills over the birds. What’s another dead bird to them? Nothing apparently. Unless they’re arguing about getting rid of feral cats of course. Then the birds need to be saved at all costs.

We have another recent clash where the leftists have chosen a side. It’s the environmentalists vs. illegal alien invasion. The illegal aliens are a threat to our environment as my article yesterday pointed out. But the Democrats could care less. The illegal aliens trump the environment – but yes, the left will still continue to push their fraudulent green agenda nevertheless.

It’s a rush for the leftist to be (or at least appear) to be as woke as they possibly can and the fun thing for us is that every once in a while, one of their really moronic idiots actually gets “canceled.”