Since about 13 years of age I’ve made it my business to upset the Left. With a break during my Army service, which in of itself was a big coit you to the peacenik types, it has been a hobby, a vocation, and, for decades now, a job. That’s why when leftists get perturbed that I mock and deride them, I am confused. Doesn’t it go along with my professional responsibilities? Shouldn’t all conservatives wear the Left’s loathing of them as a badge of honor?

That’s what I think of my Twitter ban and my Facebook censorship. It’s proof of the USAAF adage that when you’re over a target, you get flak. How did I come to be canceled by Twitter and censored by Facebook? Therein lies a story.

Last year, I was going about my polemical business, when in an article I compared the judicial judgment of the magistrate in the Mike Flynn case to a toilet brush. By that I meant he was full of excrement. You may remember, even after the case was officially dropped he refused to let it go. I said nothing about any other aspect of the jurist. Just that he was an awful judge. But ah, the judge was black and soon after my article posted, just over a year ago, I was suspended from Twitter. No explanation. In fact, still don’t know for sure if that article was the smoking gun. They never told me. Just got the chop. Still banned. As it is a monopoly, as also is Facebook, they sanction no appeal. Teddy Roosevelt, call your office.

Why? Because I dared attack a leftist judge of PC approved heritage. My racial and ethnic heritage is way more “diverse” than the berobed shyster. Did Twitter worry about offending me? Nah. I wasn’t of the correct ideology.

Then, recently, Facebook got into the act. Got to give them something, at least they tell you what you did. But the problem is that the indictment and prosecution is completely arbitrary. I’ve been hit by Facebook for a second hand meme I posted over a year ago. And compared to other things I’ve posted and what I’ve written, that specific year old meme was innocuous.

However, what’s not innocuous is the vicious left wing posts I see, stuff really over the top, that Facebook gleefully allows. Whether it’s whites, conservatives, the Catholic Church, Republicans, or any other traditional, conservative, or non PC-approved group, Facebook permits open season on them. No holes barred, have your fun. Double standard much?

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They’ve also taken to bouncing me from the My Story option where I could post my articles. Interestingly, it happened when that aspect of reader outreach was really starting to take off. Now, do both social media platforms, as they are private firms that provide a free service, have every right to cancel or censor me? Hell yeah, that’s what private property means. Even if it’s a monopoly like these two firms.

But the next time Zuck or Dorsey is in front of Congress claiming how impartial, balanced, and open to competition they are, thus not at all in need of anti-trust action, you might remember these small examples. They are more telling than any other factor. Because the words of Twitter and Facebook are cheap. Their actions matter. And so does their monopoly and rank hypocrisy.