Cornel West, the leftist Harvard Professor who desperately needs a barber, can’t get tenure, and thus better pay and perks, from his place of employment. Why? Because he bounced on them for fifteen years. He had tenure when he left Harvard in 2002, but didn’t get it back when he returned in 2017. Makes sense. Normal deal. He left and thus now he has to earn it again. But nope, West doesn’t think that way. He resigned over it. He blames the whole thing on…black leftist drumroll please…the Jews.

FNC: “He claimed the ‘shadow of Jim Crow’ has loomed over his most recent time at the university, with the lowest possible raises, no summer salary, every one of his classes defined as ‘Afro-American religious studies’ and he blamed ‘political prejudices’ over his support for Palestine on his rejection for tenure.

He claimed the administration’s ‘narcissistic academic professionalism, cowardly deference to anti-Palestinian prejudices of the Harvard administration and indifference to [a school announcement of his] mother’s death, constitute an intellectual and spiritual bankruptcy of deep depths.’ ”

Where to begin? Have you noticed the Left has a new talking point? Jim Crow. Biden is using it to describe the Texas election reform. Here we see it as a catch all phrase when he can’t come up with anything else but…the Jews. I guess we’re supposed to forget that the Texas election reform bill actually expands voting rights. Oh, and the big forget? That Jim Crow was conceived and executed for a century by Democrats.

Then there’s the mom dying thing. Very sad, a personal blow. But what the blazes is his employer supposed to do about it, buy him a hankie? And this is a fave. Harvard not giving into to all of his demands, even the mommy thing, constitutes “an intellectual and spiritual bankruptcy of deep depths.” Gee, academic narcissism much?

However, as we mention above, the Palestinian ploy is the dead giveaway. Yup. He doesn’t get a pay raise because those nefarious Hebrews hate him for nobly championing the cause of vicious terrorists…er…um…I mean the Palestinian people blah, blah, blah.

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It’s a strange thing, black antisemitism. Jews were at the forefront of the civil rights movement. They and blacks vote the same way. Yet somehow Jews, both here and abroad, are to blame for West not getting extra moolah and a whole host of other black issues. Since the “Hymietown” remark by Jesse Jackson,  you know what it is? Envy and jealousy. Jews, and other groups like Asians, have a big family emphasis on education and a tremendous work ethic. Hence they go materially far.

Tragically, a good portion of the black community in America bought into the false promise of the Great Society and its attendant family-destroying and impovershing personal attitudes. West’s Protocols of the Elders of Zion argument aside, perhaps he should find work at another school if it’s so bad at Harvard, as opposed to blaming the mythical International Jewish Conspiracy. And either way Cornel, bubeleh, get a shave and a haircut, okay? That is not a good look when you’re searching for a job.