Charles Dickens wrote of a tale of two cities, royal London and revolutionary Paris. We write today of a tale of two states, Florida and California. They have more in common with Dickens’ cities in the days of the French Revolution, the first red revolution and thus a bane to mankind, than you’d think.

First off, a disclaimer. I’m a Floridian. Haven’t lived there for decades, prefer the seasons and culture of the Mid-Atlantic, but still think of the state as home. My family came from the north, as many others did, in the late 1960s. It was great to grow up there. Must also admit, I have not spent much time in California. Several visits for business and a couple for pleasure. That’s it. That was before the state embraced an authoritarian socialist multiculty political environment. Would only go there now if I was paid to. Paid a lot.

Consider the differences in the two states, they’re the essential differences within America today. Florida has a free market economy. California trends socialist. Florida has a dynamic conservative governor who is a good bet to eventually be president. California has a leftist airhead Ken doll as governor, who very well may be recalled out of office soon. Florida reveres America history and traditions. California loathes our heritage and actively works to destroy it. Florida, well-South Florida, has great beaches. California has large rocks on their beaches. Florida has margaritas, California has crack. Case closed.

Now, all is not perfect in Florida or abysmal in California. Florida has leftists aplenty in places like my former home, Broward County. California has pockets of conservatives all over the state. We have Jimmy Buffet. They have the Beach Boys. No contest, the Beach Boys.

But the California of the Beach Boys, Ronald Reagan, and the American dream is long gone. It has been replaced by the cultural dumpster of Hollywood, the leftism of Sacramento, and the literal open sewers of San Francisco and Los Angeles. San Francisco used to be a lovely place. I’ve been there. Close friends tell me that is no longer the case.

Florida has undergone many changes, although has held on to the postwar era promise of its bright future. It is not paradise, however for some it’s a decent substitute. Last time I was home it had certainly changed, mostly for the better. The beaches are still pristine, most towns are clean and safe, freedom still rings. The same cannot be said for Venezuela on the Pacific.

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So, America has a choice, like London had a choice in the 18th century. Did the Paris of authoritarian revolutionary leftism infect London or, in our case, does America choose the way of Florida or California? London chose wisely, saved by the words of Edmund Burke and eventually by the sword of the Duke of Wellington. As for our decision, the national political jury is still out. It could go either way. Let’s hope we go the way of freedom.