Does American citizenship mean anything if your child gets sick and is admitted into a hospital in the UK?

Apparently not.

Apparently, the hospitals in England, who practice their sucky socialist medicine, can decide to kill the child of a parent who holds American and Israeli citizenship.

Little two-year-old Alta Fixsler suffered brain-damage at birth and has been on life support her entire life.

Her parents moved to England five years ago so they could live near Alta’s grandparents. Alta was born in England during that time. 

The physicians at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital where Alta is cared for want to pull the plug on her because they say she has “no conscious awareness.” The courts have backed up the hospital’s decision.

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The parents, as expected, are not happy and want the hospital and the British government to release their child to them so that they can pursue treatment and care in America or in Israel.

Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer is finally on the right side of an issue for a change and is trying to help get them back to the United States. He has secured them a visa.

Doctors here and in Israel have offered to care for little Alta. There is no reason for the hospital not to release the girl to her parents.

Schumer said, “Her father is an American citizen and we are going to keep fighting until she is allowed to come. Her life is at stake and she is a beautiful 2 year old little girl.”

Republican Senators have written to President Biden to intervene but have heard nothing. 

Crickets from President Disaster. He must be busy eating ice cream.

Alta’s father says, “The doctors don’t think she has quality of life. But I think she has quality of life.”

Withdrawing life support is also not permitted in the traditional readings of the Jewish law and violate the strong Hasidic Jewish beliefs of the parents.

But to the hospital in England, Alta is just a problem. 

A waste of time. 

A waste of money. 

Socialized healthcare systems don’t like that kind of problem.