This question was asked at a recent school board meeting concerning critical race theory. An incensed mother asked this question to the school board while she was making comments about the racist implications of teaching CRT. She could see that the school board didn’t give a rat’s rear end what she had to say.

You would think that having a Constitution would keep us safe from leftist tyranny but that is obviously not the reality we live in.

Even the rule of law and judges can’t always save us from governmental tyranny because they are biased and partisan to their political party and personal beliefs. But unfortunately, sometimes in the end, the courts are all we have left to keep our constitutional rights.

None of our rights are free from Democrat tyranny. 

We’ve certainly seen that the past year-and-a-half with unconstitutional and illegal government pandemic edits coming at us from every level – federal, state, county and city. They all think they have the right to rule over us.

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Sorry, but the Constitution doesn’t have an asterisk.

We don’t lose our rights because there is a virus spreading in the country.

But the Democrats think we do and will continue to use the pandemic to roll over us. 

Did you think you had freedom of speech? Sorry, not if the Biden Harris Obama administration doesn’t like what you say. They’ll cancel your protests and rallies and they’ll work with their social media friends to shut you up.

Think you can worship in your church? Sorry, not when there’s a pandemic. They’ll close you down.

The first amendment, the second amendment, the fourth amendment and others… They are all in jeopardy under the Democrats. 

In order for us to keep our guaranteed constitutional rights, we have to file lawsuits. 

Lawsuits against tyrannical governors, out-of-control health departments and the federal government too. 

Unfortunately, our rights don’t always win the day with crazy judges around who forget (or don’t care) about the law and the Constitution.

It’s a battle that we don’t always win but we should continue to fight.