It really wasn’t rocket science. Putting COVID-19 positive patients in a nursing home is not something a sane person would do. Especially when the elderly are the ones most susceptible to the virus and everyone knew that when the democrats stuffed the infected into nursing homes.

Heck, the whole spread of the virus in the United States pretty much started at a nursing home in Kirkland, Washington called the Life Care Center. They had 167 cases (101 residents, 50 care professionals and 16 visitors) and at least 46 deaths. That happened right at the beginning of the pandemic spreading throughout our country.

Common sense and decency didn’t stop Democratic Governors Gretchen Whitmer (Michigan), Andrew Cuomo (New York), Phil Murphy (New Jersey) and Tom Wolf (Pennsylvania) from sending people sick with COVID-19 into nursing homes, killing tens of thousands. 

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The exact amount of people killed will probably never be known. Some of these governors weren’t even counting the small private assisted living centers and other forms of elderly care centers. And it’s not like the government will ever be transparent and give us real data.

Funny how two of these states, Michigan and and Pennsylvania, were instrumental in Biden winning the presidential election, isn’t it? Payback from the Biden administration perhaps?? But I digress…

Looks like the Biden Harris Obama DOJ doesn’t give a rat’s butt about how or why so many elderly people were killed in nursing homes under insane democrat policies. The Biden DOJ is refusing to investigate it after reviewing the data.

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Nothing to see here, folks.

Big surprise? Not at all.

The corrupt democrats always cover the corrupt democrats.

So these granny killing democrats are free to go about their business as if nothing ever happened. 

The democrats will always protect each other. It’s a beautiful thing to behold if you are a leftist. You can murder people, steal money and pretty much do anything you want as long as you stay within the democrat mob.

What the democrats do is what mob operations and gangs do. They protect you as long as you don’t go too far off the reservation. They all help each other for the common goal of money and power.

But there are some who aren’t happy with these granny killing democrat governors.

NY State Assemblyman Ron Kim is one of them. His uncle died under Cuomo’s watch and he had something to say after Cuomo took a victory lap recently because of the DOJ’s decision. Kim said, “For the governor to go take the media national stage and take a victory lap and play the victim while thousands of families like Janice Dean’s and mine are still seeking the truth—that is what’s cruel.”

Dean, whose in-laws died of COVID-19 in a New York nursing home, said the DOJ’s decision was soul crushing and said Cuomo blamed everyone else for the nursing home deaths including Trump, God, Mother Nature and the New York Post.

So the families of the dead care. The American people care. 

But as usual, democrats don’t care because dead people (usually) can’t vote for them.