Democrats pretend to be the moral ones, the great concerned party of earth and the environment, shutting down pipelines, closing coal plants and implementing climate change policies… but they are frauds. recently posted about a report from the House Committee on Natural Resources. They found that illegal immigration is a threat to our environment.

Their report talked about the ramifications of illegal immigration – from the risks to wildlife and natural habitats (the Democrats don’t care), federal and Native American owned land (the Democrats don’t care) and sites with national monuments (the Democrats DEFINITELY don’t care about those).

According to, “the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality estimates that each illegal migrant contributes 6-8 pounds of trash during their journey across the desert. 

If 180,000 illegal immigrants leave at least 6 pounds of trash each (usually comprising of backpacks, medical products, plastic, vehicles, and clothing), that is more than a million pounds of trash left in our environment for the month of April alone.” 

They said because the waste often doesn’t disintegrate, that it poses serious risks to wildlife in the border region, some of which are endangered species.

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This trash threatens wildlife (the Democrats don’t care) and jeopardizes their habitat. The Buenos Aires National Wildlife refuge is being destroyed because they are smuggling corridors. Campfires from illegal aliens have burned down more than 370 acres of the Cleveland National Forest.

Where are the environmentalists and those who care about the animals???

The answer to that is that Democrats are NOT environmentalists. 

Anything but. Anything illegals do is fine because they will end up being Democrat voters. So they are allowed to continue to run drugs, engage in sex trafficking, bring COVID-19 into the country AND destroy our environment.

The Democrats can’t even have a protest, parade or rally without trashing the area they are in. 

I’ve been to Trump events. The locations are almost always better looking than how we found them. We clean up the place. Democrats are totally the opposite.

The Pride event in NYC in June was an embarrassment for the leftists – or at least you would hope so. 

Just look at the photos of their mess at the Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village. The Fox news article has a link from Andy Ngo’s Twitter account showing their disrespect to the park and the fountain there.

This is just one of many examples of how things look after Democrats get together to celebrate or protest.

They are disingenuous when they present that the earth means something to them.