The policies of the Biden Harris Obama administration and their democrat governors paying off everyone to stay home with unemployment money and advanced child care credits, has resulted in a lack of jet fuel out west.

The problem? There is no one around to drive the fuel to where it needs to go.

Why get up early and drive long hours when you can sit on your bum and collect bribery money from the democrats not to work? 

Stacey Sunday, a spokeswoman for the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority said, “There’s just nobody available to drive the trucks of fuel in here. It’s hard to predict how long the shortage will last.”

It’s happening in Montana too and in other western states.

I think maybe a shift in priorities should be made here. First of all, fighting fires should come before Amazon and Fed Ex deliveries and commercial flights. 

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And why isn’t the great Biden using his powers with the Defense Production Act to move heaven and earth to get jet fuel out west to fight the wildfires?

According to the USA Today, “More than 85 large wildfires were burning around the country, most of them in Western states, and they had burned over 1.4 million acres of land.”

The country is literally on fire while Biden does nothing about it.