We are currently in the middle of an economy brought to us compliments of the Democrat party. 

Yes, we had a pandemic but it was the RESPONSE to the pandemic by the Democrat party that flipped our economy upside down.

Because of Democrat policies including extended shut downs and paying people extra to be unemployed, we are left with high prices, staff shortages, driver shortages to deliver products, limited services available, long lines and other inconveniences. 

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As we try to dig our way out of the worse part of the pandemic, businesses can’t find workers (even at $25/hr) because people are comfortable staying home making their extra unemployment – and soon-to-be-coming early child tax credit payments.

This Democrat-induced inflationary period is here to stay until we vote the tyrannical kings and queens out of power.

I had a plumber over recently to fix a problem with a water leak in my basement. The guy who came over owns a maintenance company. He does a lot of work in apartment buildings – kind of jack of all trades. He’s middle-of-the-road on his hourly rate but still has to charge the going rate for supplies when he runs over to Home Depot.

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I asked about a couple of projects that I need done and he told me to wait until the “Covid pricing” are over. 

There are hardly any businesses that haven’t been impacted by this Democrat-induced inflationary period. And others are taking advantage of the situation and just raising prices because they can.

The high gas prices alone makes everything more expensive.

Inflation isn’t going anywhere under Democrat policies and politicians.