Until we get control of the leftist lawlessness that has taken over our country in the last year, don’t be surprised if your mom, grandma, sister, brother (or dog) is attacked, shot, set on fire or killed. We are all sitting ducks.

We live in a new world now where Democrats protect criminals. And the criminals, who have absolutely NO regard for human life, know they most likely won’t be prosecuted or convicted of anything they do thanks to new leftist policies, leftist prosecutors and leftist politicians.

But hey, we don’t have to put up with Trump’s tweets anymore so its all worth it, right?

With everything going on in the county right now, there is absolutely NO DEFENSE for voting for a Democrat in 2022 or 2024 if you care about your life or the life of your family and friends.

Voting for a Democrat means you are fine with the death and destruction around you – or at the very least the death and destruction happening to your fellow Americans.

It means you are fine with anyone you know and love being attacked or killed at the drop of a hat whether the criminal is an American or an illegal alien.

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Recently, a firefighter, and father of three, was walking his Labradoodle around 10 pm in the Middle Village of Queens and was attacked by a group of about 100 teenagers who called it “Fight Night.” 

And yes, the dog is safe. It was rescued by a good samaritan – so at least some sort of humanity existed on the streets that night.

And 80-year-old former Senator democrat Barbara Boxer was attacked in broad daylight at 1:15 pm in Oakland, California on Monday. The criminal stole her cell phone and took off in a waiting car.

Violence like this is increasing on all over the country and will continue to grow as long as the democrats are in charge of (the lack of) law and order in the United States.