Defund the police.

America is racist.

No bail.

No prosecutions.

Let all the illegal aliens in.

The policies and words coming out of the Biden administration and his leftist friends has made America unsafe and we are now running for our lives from both American citizens and illegal aliens.

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Criminals of every age, color, sex, nationality and shoe size feel emboldened to do what they want to do because the Democrats have made it clear that there should be no repercussions for criminal behavior. Unless of course you parade in the Capitol.

Wanna steal some stuff? No problem. Just keep it under $1000.

Feel the need to set a police car on fire? If you aren’t a Trump voter, don’t worry. The Democrats will have your back.

Unlawfulness is everywhere and the Democrats follow it up with protecting as many criminals as they can.

So why were we surprised when a bunch of Washington Nationals baseball fans in the stadium had to run for their lives when two vehicles exchanged gunfire outside of the stadium’s third base gate causing the fans to think a mass shooting event was going on?

We shouldn’t be surprised. 

Not at all. 

As long as the Democrats inhabit the federal government and large city governments and as long as their party continues to be the party that defends criminals at all costs, we will be getting more and more of this happening all across America.