There was a time, not that long ago, when the Olympic games were a true gage of international sport. They also could be inspiring.

Jesse Owens gave Hitler and his faux master race the what for in Berlin in 1936. The victory of the US hockey team over the Soviets in 1980 seemed to be the opening cannon of the Reagan Renaissance. But things have changed and not for the better.

Airheads and pop culture pushers now use the games as a platform to bellow their noxious views and disgrace their country. From BLM to the perv cause of the month, all can be found with some advocate taking a knee, raising a fist, or otherwise acting like an attention whore. Other athletes are focused on winning.

The current Olympics seem like the sports equivalent of the United Nations. Lots of people from different nations get together to try and get noticed. Perhaps, along the way, they achieve something. But it’s likely drowned out by left wing propagandists trashing the West, or specifically the United States. Maybe the existence of both institutions should be reconsidered.

After all, there are numerous international sports competitions held all over the world on a regular basis. And many of the world’s best athletes skip the Olympics for a plethora of reasons. The pros don’t have time for it and some amateur athletes can’t get the proper sponsorship. Be that as it may, the main question is: Is the event still primarily about honest athletic competition? It seems not.

Sadly, politics have taken over. Now let’s be honest. Certain of the American olympic athletes are not mental wizards. Yes, they show amazing sports prowess, discipline, dedication, and physical conditioning. Nevertheless it is not surprising that the siren call of left wing racism or general anti-American lunacy has grabbed their attention. They wouldn’t be the first rookie celebrities to think they just became Walter Lippmann due to their new found status.

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Over the last sixty years we have been plagued with countless leftist entertainers, athletes, scientists, and the like who believe their expertise in one field gives them credibility on public questions. Is there a sight more pathetic than a muddle headed celebrity speaking out on an issue they neither understand nor have ever gained practical experience in? No.

Every time you read a tweet on this subject or that from a wannabe socialist Hollywood type you can be sure they are clueless on the subject at hand. The best ones are the Bernie Sanders supporters who have absolutely no concept that without the capitalist system Bernie so despises they would still be waiting tables in Los Angeles.

So it is with American Olympic athletes. The only reason they are at the games is because the United States of America exists as a viable enterprise and thus sent them there. Without that, which their political pals are working to destroy, they’d be substitute gym teachers. No offense to gym teachers.