Facts, we have learned, especially during the Trump presidency, don’t matter a whit to Democrats and their leftist friends in the media.

The feds and the fake news have been lying about Trump supporters for months blaming us as being superspreaders and the ones not getting vaccinated.

Biden has even promised to go door to door to get vaccines in the arms of everyone.

So here’s the truth. A HUGE amount of blacks and hispanics haven’t got the COVID-19 vaccine yet. It’s right here on the CDC’s website. You can look at the graphs yourself.

For the ethnicity data that’s available, only 16.1% of hispanics and 9.3% of blacks have had at least one dose of a vaccine. That’s an ASTRONOMICALLY LOW number.

And what are the Democrats doing about it? Not much. Just lying about Trump supporters. It’s pretty much all they know how to do.

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A July article in US News & World Report highlighted the fact that a distrust of the health care system is one of many reasons that blacks and hispanics are rejecting the vaccines. 

Regardless of the reasons for blacks and hispanics not getting vaccinated, whether it’s racial disparities or some other reason, Trump supporters are NOT the ones who are the big group lagging behind getting their vaccines and spreading COVID-19.

And we can’t forget, of course, all the illegal aliens spreading the virus all over the country. COVID-19 cases in the Rio Grande Valley among illegals has gone up 900% according to Fox News.

The Democrats and the leftist media could care less.

They continue to import even more of the virus into our country and simultaneously lecture us about face masks and vaccines.

Sorry, no. I don’t take them seriously anymore or listen to their BS sermons.

Not that I ever did.