Most of us have heard by now of the recent controversy when Grammy Participation Award winning singer Macy Gray (Who I’ve never heard of. But then I think Bix Beiderbecke is heavy metal) suggested we replace the American flag with something no doubt multiculty PC socialist Upper West Side commie Rainbow CNN trot and tankie Ben and Jerry horse manure BLM Antifa complete and utter bloody garbage of a flag. I must gently disagree.

Last Thursday Gray said our flag was “a symbol of opposition to the abolishment of slavery.” It is “tattered, dated, divisive, and incorrect” and “it no longer represents democracy and freedom.” Of course, Gray was using the First Amendment rights symbolized in that flag to make her statement. That little detail escaped her. So did the fact that this flag was and is flown by those who liberated Americans and others from slavery.

Leftists applauded her ahistorical tripe. “Ironic, those denouncing Macy Gray are the same ones who applaud the Insurrectionists who beat Capitol police w/American flags,” wrote a Twitter user. “They also support autocracy & Putin. So which red, white & blue are you supporting? The hypocrisy is galling.” Really? I denounce Gray’s words and I think the January 6th rioters were low rent knuckle-dragging buffoons who did the country, the conservative movement, and even their erstwhile idol a great disservice. Support Putin? Obviously the writer knows this because he, she, or it (one can never tell these days) has spoken to everyone who disagrees with Gray and polled their opinion. Uh huh. And hypocrisy? You mean like trashing a flag that gives you the right to trash the flag? You mean like that?

And yet another imbecile chimed in. “If you have any flags, stickers, shirts, masks, or anything else that has the thin blue line, Confederate flag, or that dumb Trump flag, you have no right to be upset that Macy Gray wants a redesign of the US flag (which has been done many times),” another said. Ummm, no. Nobody is suggesting the thin blue line flag as a substitute for the American flag. But then this git, fully knowing that, had to make up an argument because they knew they had no real argument of their own. Redesign? Because of state additions, not because an entertainment Bolshevik got her panties in a twist.

But some who oppose Gray got it wrong too. No, men on battlefields have not died for the flag. They died for each other. The flag in of itself is just cloth. The meaning behind it matters. What is that meaning? It is a simple idea really. It is that in the long lamentable catalog of human folly at least one people tried to get it right.

One nation has attempted, with great bumps in the road, to fairly govern itself with justice for all. Gray would have you focus on the massive and myriad bumps, problems mostly settled. It seems definitely settled for her, as she is rich and famous. However, what the US flag represents means something different to others who perhaps have not reached Gray’s level of dessicated pop culture material success, but who rather value truth and freedom more than Grammy awards.