The Democrat party, the party of racism, the party who defended slavery, started the Civil War, fought against every major civil rights initiative, founded the KKK, imposed segregation and currently tells people of color that they are too stupid to get an ID, CONTINUES to be the party of racism – but at least they are equal in that they are going after both races.

In their continuing targeting of white people, the Washington Post has released a video where they tell white people to set up “white accountability” groups so that we can all acknowledge our racism.

I acknowledge nothing other than leftists seem to be evil as well as ignorant.

WaPO came up with a lovely video called “The New Normal” and in a recent episode of the series, they are telling all white people to feel shame for being white because an antiracism culture doesn’t exist if we are not people of color like the host of the video and great humanitarian, Nicole Ellis.

We need to separate ourselves from white supremacy, don’t you know.

That is according to white racist Rebecca Toporek, a professor in the Department of Counseling at San Francisco State University, who appears in the video. 

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She said, “Part of the structure of racism… is to keep us from recognizing that racism is part of our daily lives. So it’s a longer term process of looking at your understanding of yourself in the world, both historically but also contextually. Also the family you live in, the community you live in, and what role whiteness plays in that.”

So, as the leftists keep telling us, even if you don’t think you are racist…even if you are married to a POC or have mixed race children… none of that matters. 

You are white i.e. you are a racist. 

It’s the same crap they’re trying to teach at the schools with Critical Race Theory only they’re telling white CHILDREN that they are racist and black and brown children that they are victims. Children. It’s a truly sick world that leftists live in.

Leftists don’t think highly of ANYONE. Except themselves of course.

Here’s a suggestion to the folks over at WaPo…

I think the employees of WaPo need to start a few groups of their own.

The first group would be a journalism education group to learn what real journalism consists of and how to write factual articles. Maybe throw in a psychiatrist to help them learn about how not to harass white Christian teenagers in order to destroy a political enemy. Call it the “Nick Sandman accountability” course.

Then after that, they can start a group on how not to be total liars and judgmental losers in real life and also in their profession.

I have a long list of other groups they can start. 

Lots of them.

Just have the losers at WaPo DM me and I’ll help them out.