The fact that Joe Biden is president must drive Kamala Harris nuts. She’s done so much in her quest to be president, it all just seems so unfair that the old white guy holds the title of head fascist of the United States and not her. 

To start things out, 29-year-old Kamala had an affair with married 60-year-old Willie Brown at the beginning of her political career. 

That gained her a pretty BMW, a nice salary and many jobs and promotions. Then she used his connections to move ahead in politics, one step at a time.

Along the way, she did favors for supporters like covering up for pedophile priests for her Catholic donors.

She’s put up with a lot over the years and finally made the stage to run to be president – a competitor to the horrible Donald Trump. ‘

But alas, the public didn’t like her and saw that she was a fraud. She was the first to drop out of the Democrat presidential primary after receiving dismal polling numbers.

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Lucky for her, she’s a pal of Obama and he decided that she would be the VP candidate. 

Now that Obama is president again with white septuagenarian Joe as the frontman, the show has begun.

Everyone, including Kamala, has to run around covering for old Joe, steering him to where he needs to go, giving him things to say and explaining his continual gaffes to the public. 

Enabling Grandpa Joe and pretending that he’s really president is a full time job in itself.

So the plan is that if things get really bad, if Creepy Joe keeps whispering and acting like a nut, Kamala will take over. 

But Obama and the leftists are going to keep Joe in office as long as they can to use him to ram through their radical progressive agenda and be able to blame him for anything they can’t put a good spin on.

In the meantime, poor Kamala has to suffer through the crap thrust upon her like being made “border czar” and having to put up with the public humiliation of that title. 

How can she be a border czar when the Democrat goal is to let as many illegal Democrats invade the country as they possibly can?

And lately, poor Kamala has had to pick up almost wifely duties – whispering to old Joe and reminding him about what’s going on around him. 

Jill can’t be by Joe’s side all the time. That would look silly. So Kamala has to step in when it’s needed.

Joe just does what he’s told and recently he forgot to mention the tragedy in Miami with the collapse of a residential building.

At a recent press conference about the “infrastructure” bill, old Joe totally forgot to mention the building collapse and the missing people. Kamala had to whisper to him to remind him to talk about it.

If Trump was the one who started to walk away without mentioning a tragedy like that, the leftist media would have had a cow.

But Biden gets a pass for being insensitive and forgetful. 

It’s Democrat white privilege.

Most of the time, it just really doesn’t matter what Biden says or does. 

At least to other Democrats. They just care about the end game, the results. How they get to where they are going is irrelevant. By any means necessary.

So right now the game is to help Old Joe look competent. 

To hold onto grandpa’s hand and show him the way.