I remember the good old days when the Olympics actually had rules. People were disqualified for cheating. 

Well, being a transgender – being a man competing in a woman’s Olympic event – is CHEATING.

But the Olympics committee doesn’t care because they are WOKE.

New Zealand weightlifter Laurel Hubbard couldn’t be happier. 

This man, who identifies as a woman, will be the first “openly transgender athlete” to compete at the Olympics and he/she will obviously have a huge advantage – he/she has more testosterone in his/her body and better muscle strength. The testosterone allowed by the Olympic committee is still five times more than a biological woman.

I.E. cheating.

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Hubbard is obviously expected to win, but win or lose, it will allow him/her to become an instant celebrity, write books, go on the talk show circuit. It’ll be a great new lucrative world for him/her.

Hubbard has won a silver medal in the 2017 World Championships and gold in the 2019 Pacific Games. As a man. Lifting 628 lbs. to qualify for the games, he/she ranked 4th out of 14 qualifiers and is ranked 16th in the world.

So what are the odds that his/her female competitors have any shot whatsoever at beating Hubbard?

They aren’t good.

The female competitors aren’t too happy about the situation. Anna Vanbellinghen, a weightlifter who will probably compete against Hubbard says the whole thing is unfair and is “like a bad joke.”

Cheating seems to be pretty big in Olympic weightlifting over the years to begin with. 

If you look at medals that have been stripped from Olympians, weightlifting is right at the top with 50 total medals taken away from them for various offenses

Laughably, the IOC (International Olympic Committee) says on their website that they are committed to the integrity of sport.

Yeah right.