If a county, city or state government wants to protect illegal alien criminals by providing them sanctuary, that’s fine and dandy. 

It doesn’t matter if by doing so, a criminal alien can roam around the country committing additional crimes like theft, arson, DUIs, rape and murder. 

They are future Democrat voters so they must be protected.

But if a state decides to be a sanctuary to bolster the constitutional rights that we already have, like the second amendment, that’s a big no-no to the leftists trying to run the country in the ground.

Republican Missouri Governor Mike Parson has made his state a sanctuary from federal gun laws recently which means that Missouri law enforcement officials won’t be allowed to enforce (or help the feds enforce) federal firearms rules.

Biden’s DOJ actually had the nerve to say that Missouri lacks to authority to shield against enforcement of federal laws. 

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That was never a concern when the leftists came up with sanctuary cities and states to protect illegal alien criminals.

The AP reported that Acting Assistant Attorney General Brian Boynton said in a letter to Missouri officials that the new law ”threatens to disrupt the working relationship between federal and local authorities.” 

Pretty funny, right?

Boynton also laughably said, “The public safety of the people of the United States and citizens of Missouri is paramount.”

Democrats are a joke. If they need to win a case, they will argue that the sky is blue and then argue that it’s not the next month. And they could seriously care less about our safety whether it’s allowing illegal aliens to come after us or American criminals.

I’ll tell you what is NOT paramount – that’s protecting the American public.

The great Kamala Harris, when running for the Senate, was all for sanctuaries – but for illegal aliens, not for Americans. She said, “Sanctuary cities evolved around the idea that we also don’t want to deny access to public safety, public health, public education for anyone who is living … in our community.”

And one of the first things that Biden did after becoming president was to overturn Trump’s Executive Order on sanctuary cities. Biden wanted to make sure that no federal funding was withheld from the lawless sanctuary cities that weren’t cooperating with ICE.

So, like everything else during the Biden Harris Obama administration, it’s America Last and illegal aliens first.