Even as a kid, I saw how the fake news media controlled what news I got to see and hear. That was back when there were only three networks. 

I used to wonder – why were ABC, CBS and NBC all covering the same stories every night? 

There are millions of people in the country and billions more on the planet – and somehow these three networks all decided that the same three or four stories were the only ones worth covering every night.

I remember listening to Rush Limbaugh years ago when he started doing his montages that showed that the fake news media collaborated together on their stories and their wording and phrases.

It was Rush’s “gravitas” compilation in 2007 that really exposed the media as having an agenda and not really caring about reporting real news. They were in lockstep as to what they decided to cover for the day for their political agendas.

Rush played the clips of the media using the word “gravitas” over and over and over when describing Dick Cheney as the Vice Presidential choice of George Bush.

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Then we learned about a thing called JournoList that was started by NY Times columnist and former WaPo editor Ezra Klein in 2007. It was a private Google group where 400 leftist media people got together to talk among themselves and decide what Democrat narrative to push for the day. 

Klein shut down JournoList in 2010 when the group was exposed to be in existence.

Tucker Carlson wrote about the group and said, “Again and again, we discovered members of JournoList working to coordinate talking points on behalf of Democratic politicians, principally Barack Obama. That is not journalism, and those who engage in it are not journalists. They should stop pretending to be. The news organizations they work for should stop pretending, too…”

Now, according to Politico, it looks like JournoList is back in session. And has been for TWO YEARS.

But why not? There’s no shame in what they do anymore. 

They won’t get “bad press” for being members.

We all know how corrupt and lazy the fake news media is so this is their answer to not doing much work.

They are not smart enough to come up with their own stories and don’t want to get in trouble with the Democrat party for reporting on the wrong things.

So the fact that these leftist stenographers for the Democrat party were meeting virtually and in secret for the past two years is no big surprise. 

It was, of course, an easy way to choreograph and plan all of their fake stories about Donald Trump – and to coordinate the defense of the feckless presidential candidate they ended up with and helped get elected.

So JournoList list is a great place for the lazy and the liars who want to rule the world and decide what news us minions get to see and hear about.

And the secret reemergence of JournoList two years ago was (ironically) not covered by anyone in the media, of course.

Jeffrey Toobin, a JournoList member who was caught masturbating on Zoom but was recently hired back by CNN anyway, laughably said about the group, “No one’s pushing an agenda.”

Yeah, right. Not only are these elitists CONTROLLING the news, they are the very anthesis of a “free” press.