Imagine a president who is so evil, so indifferent to sick Americans, and so bent on reversing everything the president from the other political party did before him, that you would purposely reverse an Executive Order that was put in place so that sick people all across America could afford their insulin.

You don’t have to imagine it because that person is Joe Biden and it’s really happening.

There are more than 34.2 millions Americans with diabetes. That a little more than one in ten.

That information doesn’t seem to be very important to Joe. Not as important as climate change or helping out his illegal foreign friends to be able to invade our country.

Joe and his fascist friends in the Biden Harris Obama administration have retracted the rule that Trump had in place that required community health centers to give all of their insulin and epinephrine discounts to low-income patients. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t qualify for federal grants.

It’s obvious that President Disaster cares more about helping out health centers than people. I’m sure most of you out there are not surprised that certain corporations, industries and Big Pharma are back in the pockets of the White House. 

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Who cares if insulin prices have gone up 550% since Biden took office? Certainly not Biden. Nope, he’s got what he needs and so do his friends in the House and Senate. They have all the insulin they need and at an affordable price. The little people will just have to figure things out on their own.

Biden is not going to do anything about lowering insulin prices unless the illegal aliens in our country or the LGBTQ community suddenly has a diabetes epidemic.

And what about Elizabeth Warren? Is she sounding off against Big Pharma or the unfairness of big business and the almighty dollar over the little guy and gal who needs their medicine? 

Nope. Not a word. 

She is a fraud. 

She’s busy tweeting about cancelling student debt and the filibuster. Certain things like this story seem to be off her radar – or at least it is because Joe’s in office.

So what’s next for Joe? 

Will he be getting rid of Trump’s “Right to Try” where terminally ill patients can get access to experimental therapies and drugs not approved by the FDA?

Because what’s a few more dead people when you’re trying to erase Trump from history.