The Democrats have spend so much of their time lying and getting away with it with the help of the fake news media, that they now live in another dimension of reality where they will say anything and think that people are stupid enough to believe it. 

Well, maybe “their” people are stupid enough to believe it but even this new lie is enough of a whopper that I don’t think many people are buying it.

Over the weekend, Joe’s employees pretending to be the president on Twitter sent out some hilarious tweets like, “In my first four months of office, more than two million jobs have been created. That’s more than double the rate of my predecessor and more than eight times the rate of President Reagan.”

They followed that tweet up with “ In our first four months, we’ve created more jobs than any administration in American history. And we’re just getting started.”

The Biden Harris Obama administration is truly hilarious at times.

Let’s see, what was this great strategy they had to grow jobs that they’re able to take credit for? 

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During the pandemic, they got their Democrat Governors and others to shut down businesses, bankrupt them and pay people to stay home and not work – not to mention scare people into staying home and not working.

So they took 10 jobs down to one and now they’re celebrating because circumstances (not Democrats) are bringing some of those people back to work now that the Trump vaccines are allowing businesses to open up to a fuller capacity.

In the Democrat universe only, they call this job growth. The Democrats don’t “create” anything but problems for the American people.

But the great Biden will take be taking credit for “job growth” just like he does for the vaccine success in the country. 

Since Biden has a history of plagiarism, we really can’t expect anything different out of him. If there is something that will help him look good, he’ll definitely take credit for it.